There is seething unrest in the population. Diesel crisis, driving bans, fuel tax up, speed limit: hardly a week goes by, the German favorite child is bullied. The first people in yellow vests to throw in your anger in this country. Of course not, to fight for more social justice. But for your rights as a motorist.

An appreciative audience for Frank Plasbergs attempt, the complex at “Hard but fair” to pin: “limits, estimated, engines, manipulated: A country in Diesel-mania?” So the topic of the program was on Monday evening. Complex a good keyword, because it quickly became apparent that the subject matter was tame in all its facets (again).

After all, Plasberg had not loaded the usual Suspects that would otherwise be recruited for rounds with this focus since the dawn of the diesel crisis in September 2015. It talkten:

Oliver Wittke: CDU, Parliamentary state Secretary to the Federal Minister for economic Affairs and energy and with his Statements Surprise of the Evening, Cem Özdemir: B’90/Green, Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Ghost riders in the broadcast, Barbara Metz, Deputy head of the German environmental aid and fat … no one supporter of a ban on Bernd Mattes, chief lobbyist for the German Association of the automotive industry and a sort of Darth Vader of the Show, and Prof. Dr. Dieter Köhler, a medical specialist for pneumology and Social Media Zombie.

Social Media Zombie, because Köhler haunts for some months due to the Timelines of people, the idealists in the driving ban debate, a great conspiracy of the Environment and that their basic rights as a diesel driver threatened to see. This clientele of the physicians supported with a beguiling Thesis: The limit, the leads already today to cars from cities will be locked out of the house, was completely, well, out of thin air. There is a connection between nitrogen oxide (NOx) exposure and health risks was nowhere to be scientifically proven, the WHO studies on which the limits were based, were outdated and unclean.

measurement tests with a candle and Spaghetti

An interesting point. A one-player should emphasise: A camera team to measure in a self-test, which emit a variety of other things than cars (in a closed) space, so all of nitrogen oxide. A candle exceeds the cities in annual mean limits of 40 micrograms per cubic meter. It is cheerful to escalate further and further, until then a pot of Spaghetti breaking on the gas stove the sensed NOx-sound barrier: 1300 micrograms per cubic meter to be measured. KRASS!


Exactly, unfortunately, is not clarified. And this is not only to Cem Özdemir, who wants to take advantage of the first opportunity that junction, the car industry in the Form of Darth Vader aka Bernd Mattes, a pass (and by Plasberg pleasant energetic of which is to be held). No, it is mainly due to the fact that the broadcast itself is in a feeding frenzy to the next aspect: the question of where is measured. The have-namely, a further one-player, shows a very substantial influence on much will be measured.

While we German us again fussy show and argue about whether a height of 1.50 meters above the street representative results or the measuring head, but rather in a height of three meters can be mounted, using the example of Greece demonstrates, the problem of the pesky limits and driving bans, very creative, get rid of can. In Thessaloniki, the measuring station perched on the roof of the University in a truly dizzy height. 35 meters! Wow. Have A Good Trip!


And so it goes in a wild Ride through nearly all the topics have been negotiated since the outbreak of #diesel gate medially. To negotiate the fraud by VW, the wheeling and dealing of the government and the industry, Hardware upgrading, Software upgrading, clean-air plans, mobility turn, new drive concepts… everything is short tapped, hardly anything at the end. There are people that should know better were confused in the show: Özdemir complained suddenly, passionately, to the effect that the industry must do more for the climate – the issue of consumption, and thus CO2 is a completely different site (but, just like fine dust, like with everything else in a pot thrown in).

An unexpected Coming-out had Oliver Wittke. Of the rail due to its description of the function and party affiliation, actually, as a candidate from the Exercise Camp of industry and politics, cast, represented, but notable items include: the that the limits would now apply changes and to note would be whether you are useful or not, was he ever warm.

Then the talk turned to the Writing of the force travel Federal office, which was just two million from the exhaust gas scandal affected diesel drivers by Post. In this, the authority of the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) recommended that the defrauded customers to buy new cars from these manufacturers to bypass bans. Practically the same with the Hotline numbers of the manufacturer on the letter head.

appearance Wittke: “The letter is scandalous, such a letter you can send.” Classification Plasberg: “a member of the government speaks in such a set, one must also acknowledge changes. This is liberating oxygen.”

at All Plasberg was fair, especially in a duel with Bernhard Mattes. Had his dark hour after another one-player: ARD Team had visited a BMW specialist Tuner. Its surprising announcement: The Hardware upgrade for the old Euro 5 vehicles, mainly BMW bristles with all the funds and technically impossible, there are already. Normally, available in the market. With original parts from BMW, made in Germany. Sold only in the United States.

The Kit is imported in one-player, and hastily mounted, the nitrogen oxide emissions measured and lo and behold: Suddenly the car is even lower than the Euro 5 vehicles applicable limit value. Matt is in Erklärungsnot: He refers to different eligibility criteria in different countries. It Plasberg has ambushed them: “but you said earlier that the German car industry is doing everything to get the air clean? What you are saying now sounds different: ‘We do what we can, but what we are in the country to be forced.'”

the weakness of The talk-show-Format

It is a really strong Moment of the show. On the unfortunately, a depressing – because he turns out to be the weakness of the Format. The next trench, Matt dashes, Plasberg digging. So a conversion was complex, he could tell now, very little of what is going on there in the control device, very bad things could be, fights the head of the VDA. It sounds as if shortly after the departure of the ARD team died, the converted vehicle with a bike crash damage to the engine.

Unfortunately, no one is there, the Mattes’ statements to check, classify or disprove. It should now be deepened, to pant instead. Just like at the beginning of the broadcast, the allegations of lung specialist Köhler. The DUH Vice President Barbara Metz, contrary to fact, that you had expressed to many of his former colleagues in the Medical profession is quite different than he is.

But who has the right to: Köhler, or Metz? Matt or the BMW wrench? This is not, and can probably be resolved hardly in a talk show. This is a pity because almost two million Germans are waiting for answers, not more questions. It will probably bubble more in Germany.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.