began The year at “Hard but fair”, as the old one had stopped: with an unofficial proclamation of a state of emergency. Before Christmas, Frank Plasberg had asked: “How divided is Germany?” and “Is Germany a case of reorganisation?” Now, on the evening before the British Parliament about the Brexit-tuning of the Treaty, invited Plasberg to talk about the “Brexit-the Showdown”: “the beginning of the end of Europe?”

The question was not answered. If anything is uncertain – and this has been worked out of the round very carefully, then, to see how things develop. There is a second Brexit Referendum? In a vote of censure against May? In fact, a Unger, a Brexit? Could the UK be maybe a associated with the EU partner country, such as Norway? How long the traffic jams between London and Dover? The AfD calls for at some point, a Referendum on the fate of Germany in the EU?

The entrepreneur Carl Martin Welcker , as a representative of the German economy loaded, said: The critical date of 29. March be, if the EU is to be completed in the UK outlet. He but assume that before the evening of the 28. March won’t be really decided. That was the mood: We know all of nothing. Manfred Weber , the top candidate of the European people’s party for the European elections, complained that with regards to a little left hanging feel of great Britain, the mediation of ideas for future cooperation.

Video: The main Figures of the Brexit

the editors Would like to ask a question, on the round to find an answer, would you rather questions: “How big is the mess?” It would have given two concrete answers: a) very large. And b) don’t have to.

the answer was a Anthony Glees , a Conservative close to a political analyst in London. “My country is in utter Chaos,” he said. A “madness”, he called the Brexit and urged to respect the decision, it was: “Because a majority votes for something, doesn’t mean it was right.” You listened to Glees, especially because the corners of his mouth showed reliably to the top. And because so a British accent in a television broadcast, in the regular basis, the bad-tempered Social-Media Postings of German couch commentators will be read aloud, just what the fancier.

answer b Beatrix von Storch of the AfD. You even wool would be made in an Alliance of sovereign nation-States, in the decisions according to a cost-Benefit calculation. The “riiiesige Chaos”, the summoned, do not give it in the UK. The country, it is still better than France, she said. A bill, for the shake of General head earned.

And in this mode, the Demonstration of lack of understanding of the lap, switched off then again and again.

It would have vorrechnete given a few opportunities to switch to another discussion on track, such as the Economist, Hans-Werner Sinn in a box office film, as a Brexit would change the inner logic of the EU in favour of the Mediterranean countries. Also, what are the consequences of the would have, could have been a longer talk.

Instead, the discussion was strongly in exchange of Basically. Especially Weber and von Storch, hurling lightning bolts back and forth. If he voted in the Parliament time as they, he wondered whether he had made a mistake, according to Weber. “Me also,” retorted von Storch. Which the shipment was further proof that talk shows in General, rather Show than talk is not character, if the guests talk to each other, but obviously, especially messages to their Fans in front of the screens.

From stork practiced for the impressive. After half an hour, they managed to make the refugee policy of Angela Merkel for the Brexit responsible – a thought, then almost inevitably the other kicking in.

More on the topic of the vote in the lower house Who what is planning in the Brexit-Chaos

Julie Short , for example, ARD-correspondent in London, felt obliged to remind that the EU-fatigue of many Britons have not used until 2015. It was the Brexit Referendum is also a “Protest vote against the Westminster Elite”, against social cuts, it’s all in any event “much more complex”. And Manfred Weber complained, there would now be stirred back up everything to a “mash of moods”.

entrepreneurs Welcker thought, finally, a plea for parliamentary government – also a response to von Storch, who also had their other best seller, the praise of the referendum and direct democracy, sung: He think it is wrong, “that whenever it becomes difficult to let the people decide”.

And now? “In the end,” said Anthony Glees about the mood in the UK, “it now goes to Emotion. The reason is thrown out the window.” You knew perfectly well what he means.

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