Merry Christmas, that is always also, happy days in a world that is held by women. Women who care, because no one else will, because otherwise everything collapses.

I have read that there are plans for a women’s strike on 8. March, and how I might be different, than to find the good? But much more interesting for a woman to strike over Christmas would be. Not in the sense of the stoppage of work, but as a refusal of the families, relationships, and emotional work that leads to the end that the gifts are under the tree, the food is on the table, and the son-in-law to be called parents. Once this Apocalypse!

women are still the steel beam and the frosting in this company. This is Christmas at the really sharp, if you worry for a week, this concentrate citizens is true of notions of family and harmony halfway presentable, and tells the children that any droll fantasy characters would be worried about the gifts. In concrete terms, a child or an old man, but never a woman.

at the same time, the Operator reports from women’s shelters or help phones on a regular basis that so-called domestic violence against women is increasing around Christmas especially, what is not a miracle at a Feast, which is mainly to endure drunken relatives.

Eva, intrigue, totally crash

The best chances to get attention, to have women still, if you refuse-like the role of the Harmonieversprüherin among the People. The whole of the Christian Tradition is based on the story of a woman who has behaved in a supposedly next to it. Eva, the first naughty wife.

And then in the year 2018 in any Kiosk, and still finds the journals whose entire business model out of it, the alleged misconduct (eat, drink, and decide for yourself) to document women: “Jennifer Aniston: her embarrassing separation lie!”, “Katie Holms: Total Crash! Dramatic Shock Photos! Now the psycho-clinic” (“InTouch threatens Katie”).

The “reported In” on the “war” of celebrity moms, the “Colorful” Boris Becker about his separation reasons (“you had the wrong friends, she had problems with my big kids…”) and the “Gala” research in England “intrigue at court”, because it is impossible can be, that Kate and Meghan have everything under control. And you are all ready to hallucinate page long assumptions about interior conditions as soon as they catch a prominent woman in the smile, Not the violation of the first female civic duty.


I would like to claim that it is excessive to claim that women are still responsible for it, to decorate the world with love, but this women is penetrated is still much too rare in the most impossible situations, a “Smile” or “Why so serious?” in, if you are waiting for the Bus or a grey bread to buy. Men would hear often such comments, there would be probably three times as many killing sprees, just a little optimistic estimate.

“The only reason why the world is not in flames, is the ability of women to manage their emotions,” Alena Schröder wrote Recently in the “SZ magazine”. “Women have internalized how important it is for the public perception is that they Express their legitimate concerns in a friendly way.” But not only for the public. At least I know of the private lives of little stories about men, the conflicts with the family stand as smiling as possible, and then on the toilet and cry in front of fury.

Now you could say, women should not all play, and of course, there are long women that refuse to accept the delusion. This is nice, but not the only solution, because the feminist solution to problems of inequality can be never to place a women to be a little bit more fight to the heart.

There is an art project by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, the “stop telling women to smile” is called. The addressee: a world that believes that women are there to make life more beautiful. A world in which women give and men take. To be a world that it deserves to be fired. Merry Christmas!

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.