Ingrid can not even believe what happened to her. "It’s all, of course, totally embarrassing." Nearly two years after they met on the Internet a man, the Pensioner from Berlin, in a courtroom of the regional court of Munich I, and sometimes has to laugh almost about yourself. "I got a wrap", she says. And that the Online conversations with Thomas Fischer enjoyed him a lot told. "I thought, with him it was so."

Today, the 70-Year-old: your Thomas Fischer has never existed. She is in favor of fraudsters created a Fake profile in a partner market and has not lost your Faith in love in the network, but also a lot of money.

amounts of up to 35,000 of Fake profile paid

for Two months, Ingrid and Thomas Fischer to write messages back and forth ("in hindsight, he told, of course, the biggest crap") – then he asks for the first Time after money. He’s stuck in China and had to pay customs fees. Ingrid pays the first € 5,000, then 10,000 – finally, there are 35.000. "naive way, and because the man tells really looked good on the photo," you.

your behavior makes you stunned: "I’ve never done in my life a mistake. I have no explanation for it. The fact is: It is my fault."

Behind the profile of Thomas Fischer were scammers, Ingrid, and other all-too-unsuspecting victims with this Scam to a lot of money and have resulted to a total of one Million euros. Three of them – a German, a Nigerian and a Ghanaian – and are therefore in Munich on Thursday sentenced to imprisonment between two and a half years and three years and nine months. A total of 270,000 euros you have to pay according to the judgment, as compensation to the victims.

The disaster has a name: "Love Scamming"

your nasty mesh has a name: "Love Scamming". Especially older Internet users fall for again and again. A British study by the universities of Leicester and Westminster from the year 2013 found out that at the time, already since 2007, a total of 230,000 people in the UK have been victims of the Scam. And that was before the Online Dating Boom, thanks to Apps like Tinder and co.

How many men and women, bayern or Scam nationwide Victims of this fraud, is unclear. The Federal criminal police office (BKA) and the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt (LKA) only collect Figures for Online fraud in General. In Saxony, the LKA has counted against it in the last year, to 181 cases. According to the Bavarian police, the number of unreported cases is likely to be in any case very much higher, because many victims are ashamed of.

€ 15,000 of credit – against the advice of the Bank,

shame, the testimony of a 62-Year-old from Saxony-Anhalt, which, like Ingrid – Thomas Fischer and her tears in court will not restrain determines before the court in Munich. 20,000 Euro has been transferred to the supposed Internet love, for 15,000 of you took out a loan – against the advice of their Bank, against the advice of friends. "You do not want to believe it, just" she says. "Well, how one is so stupid. You 'ne rose-colored glasses."

60 Victim investigators have determined in the proceedings in Munich, in 18 cases – also from the USA, great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria – came to the charge. Including the case of an elderly man from Stuttgart, not to the 150 000 Euro to a woman from Ghana had referred to, which is. She had told him she had to marry, so that you will be paid an Inheritance and you need to then money. The man, in five years, a widower, wanted to help.

a woman from Starnberg paid more than 500,000 euros

The largest portion of the Million, in the process, paid according to the indictment, a woman from Starnberg, which met on a platform with a supposed American soldier named Thomas Stabler. She transferred 380.900 Euro, an alleged lawyer, you were in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, in addition, 128.000 euros in cash.

"The play with the longing for partnership and love," says Alexandra Langbein, spokesperson of over the Lovescam fraudsters. The procedure is always the same, the Fake Profiles were similar. "It was someone of rank and name, is always an officer in the US army, for example." women "from 40 up" fell on the mesh. Often it is a matter of Gold and diamonds and money that will be needed for the customs.

In Africa, there are Central, where people do nothing else

"Then, spreading Ricken the woman for weeks and months in such conversations; and then the woman is so "in love" that you shall pay 20,000 euros to someone she has never seen", she says. "The scribbler behind it, has so many psychological tricks, makes compliments. He appeals to the basic human need of being loved."

"The phenomenon has been around since a long time in different variants," says a police officer before the court. "The origin is always from Africa", he says. "there are Central, in which 100 people are doing nothing else, to browse the Dating portals." In General, it is meet well-off people.

Major platforms such as that take money from their members, have now set it to detect Fake Profiles as fast as possible, in order to protect their members. "We offer the greatest possible safety – a 100-percent security is not possible," says a spokesperson for the portal. Langbein says, for the user: &quot valid;Always on."

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