What is going on with these seals? Multiple researchers of the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program (HMSRP) young Hawaiian monk have observed seals in the nose of an eel was stuck. In all cases the fish had been removed, and the seals would have survived, says the organization, which belongs to the American Ocean Agency Noaa, on Facebook. The eels were killed in the engagement.

In the nearly 40 years that the research program is running, whether the phenomenon is quite new, says the Noaa. First of all, seals and eels were in the nose two years ago on the North-Western Hawaiian Islands, where researchers documented the current case.

in 2016, the researchers drew about 75 centimeters long, dead eel from the nose of a seal, reported the Washington Post. The fish crept up to five centimeters in marine mammals. Since then there have been a total of three to four similar cases, so the Noaa.

high-Spirited youth?

“We do not know whether it is just a rare Anomaly in the statistics, or whether we will now see more of eels in seals-noses”. Also like the eels in the catches of marine mammals and why, on Oct. You have two guesses. Both depend on the diet of the seals.

In search of food Hawaii slide-monk seals, reefs, your mouth and your nose in the cracks of coral crevices in the rocks or in the Sand. So you are looking for hidden loot, among other things, to Aalen. To imagine was that in the corner of the crowded eels try to defend themselves by scurrying into the nostrils of the seals, according to the researchers.

The second hypothesis States that the seals choking the eels after the first swallowed up and caught in the wrong body opening. Other researchers hold both for nonsense and believe that it is simply a game of reckless young seals.

fur seals from extinction

threatened none of the theories is Proven, and possibly will remain for a long time. “We may never know,” writes the Noaa.

The seal pads therefore focus primarily on the protection of the marine mammals and get rid of the affected animals from the eels, if you find them. So far, the seals had no damage. Hawaiian monk seals are threatened with extinction. According to Noaa, about 1400 animals, still life – mainly in the Hawaiian Islands.


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