Berlin police students should in the future be made by an experienced police officer and a social worker cared for. The Director Tanja said in an Interview with the “Berliner Morgenpost”.

The police Academy was criticised several times last year. In the MIRROR, and trainers of the defendant’s problems with shooting training. In addition, there was speculation about an alleged infiltration of the Berlin police by criminal Clans.

The police had rejected and put in a special investigator. The headmaster asked in February to his transfer. Just took over the Post.

she had led since taking office 200 interviews, she said the “morning post”. “All share the need, from the negative headlines of the last year and a half to get out.”

More on the topic of special investigators to the police Academy in Berlin, “the alarm bells shrill”

The social worker should help the students with problems at home, test anxiety, or relationship difficulties. In addition, new English teachers had been recruited. “We note, for part of the glaring difficulties in the Writing of texts and also in the debate,” said Knapp.

in addition, There is pent-up demand in terms of willingness to work for some trainees. “The close-to-reality evaluation of the profession will not succeed.” Under her leadership, the morning show, the police had been introduced to students.

At the police Academy to be trained almost 2500 young police officers from 230 teachers and lecturers.


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