In the year 2019 is Insured, the health insurance for the majority of the law is much more favorable. The minimum contribution is reduced for the self-employed with little income: Yet he was a month 356 Euro, as of next month, it’s 160 euros.

Many employees are also relieved: In the future, employers no longer have to shoulder only half of the General contribution rate of 14.6 percent, but half of the additional contribution, the Insured had been alone shoulders. For a worker with 3000 Euro a month income, gross makes an additional contribution of one percent, a Saving of at least 180 euros, has been calculated by the Stiftung Warentest.

in addition, 18 funds, have “financial test” – the financial magazine of Stiftung Warentest – in view of reducing, as of January the additional contribution total that you collect. Two funds want to increase their contributions.

In the table, you can find the 18 funds that want to reduce their contributions. At the end of the two health insurance companies that have announced an increase. Where the amount of the contribution change is still unclear, it is shown that the direction of change in the Form of a sign for “greater than” (>) or “less” ( < ).

health insurance premiums

health insurance contribution as of January 2019 (in percent) of which: additional contribution contribution in December 2018 (in percent) of which: additional contribution to AOK Bremen/ Bremerhaven 15,3 0,7 15,4 0,8 AOK Hessen 15,5 0,9 15,6 1 AOK Rheinland/ Hamburg 15,7 1,1 16 1,4 Bergische KK 15,75 1,15 15,99 1,39 Bertelsmann BKK

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