Nauert, The former television presenter Heather and current spokesperson for the US state Department in Washington to be the new UN Ambassador of your country. The the Wall Street Journal and the AP news Agency reported consistently relying on government employees. From Republican Congress circles it was said according to the AP, Trump will announce his decision expected on Friday morning in a Tweet.

the successor to the outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley would Nauert. The Senate would have to agree to the change of personnel. Haley announced in October that she would go to the end of the year.

Nauert was one of the most famous faces of the now to house station Trumps advanced cable-news channel Fox News. Together with, among other things, Ainsley Earhardt, she presented the popular but because of its one-sided political coloring controversy Breakfast format Fox & Friends.

Minister of foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson joined Nauert 2017, as the spokesperson for the foreign Ministry and rose to the Top diplomat. As Secretary of state, it sits on important international negotiations at the table. Your diplomatic experience is limited to one and a half years. It is regarded as the most loyal to the foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, and Trump.

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