The number has me baffled. Smooth 77 percent of all Heating costs in a Panel that we could just investigate reported defects or oddities. 60 percent of the property managers, and landlords could also deliver with the help of your service provider, no proper accounting for the cost of the hot water.

Some landlords will not put your tenants with district heating connections from one Dimension into account, which could have been the large town hall of Köpenick heating, just a normal apartment building. Billing for the operating current, that would be plausible if there was also an Aquarium of the size of the heating cellar. A landlord was even the fact that he refused to make his statements.

Those Numbers are in a week with a metre of snow and state of emergency in five Bavarian districts particularly annoying. And for two reasons. First, they suggest that millions of landlords and property managers burn the money of your tenants or apartment owners. Currently 11 euros in Heating costs per square meter and year in multi-family houses, it is a question of billions of euros.

Secondly, the statements are processed is still often so inadequate that it is for the tenant and the apartment owner is very difficult, against high costs and excessive consumption. For 2017, the non-profit Organisation co2online had found on the Basis of tens of thousands of records of different Heating costs from 500 to over 1100 Euro for a 70-square-meter apartment.

Good settlements are in the interest of all

Good and reliable billing in multi-family houses, in particular, is necessary. Because unlike the homeowners and tenants with gas Central heating or night storage heater, the responsibility for potential savings is in these living conditions not so clearly – as well as the possibilities to remedy the situation, if the Heating costs are too high. Should first negotiate with the landlords and managers of more favourable tariffs with suppliers and the houses make energy-efficient? Or only the residents put on a sweater and the Teenager stop showers on the Duration? Best of all both together.

a Good half of the 40 million homes in Germany is one of such multi-family homes, 87 percent of homes are centrally heated, with more than half of that with natural gas.

the requirements for successful Save in multi-family homes are better than years ago. In modern standard bills for heating and hot water are not only Numbers, but also comparisons to be drawn. Comparisons of year-on-year consumption or to average consumption of the house.

modernisation of the heating can be for tenants cheaper than in the past

gas prices can also compare landlords and property managers on the Internet today and lower-cost providers to choose from, which would reduce the burden on the tenant. Landlords and property managers, as large consumers pay anyway cheaper prices than individual household customers.

a modernization must also come from the tenant-so-expensive: Since the beginning of 2019 modernization costs after the completion of the construction work allocated is no longer eleven but only eight per cent on the rent, always in Relation to the number of square meters. This is due to the low interest rates are still more than enough, so that the landlord gets his money: two To three euros per square metre, the Rent may increase after the modernization.

tenants ‘ associations have been demanding for years, a lowering of the levy, and could also imagine a lower. Some of the real estate Manager, admitted in 2012 to the public that the 11-percent levy will make the upgrading for the tenants unnecessarily expensive and only a business for the landlord.

Alone, the starting point for all one para, the lesson should not always be a correct and reliable settlement – so that the residents from the beginning, paying too much and, secondly, to draw the right conclusions for possible changes in behavior. Only those who understand why the bill for hot water and heating is so high, you can successfully save and will not lock against a necessary modernization.

promise, Here are the main tips for better and more reliable billing and some of the more successful money-saving tips for tenants and residents of condominiums in multi-family houses:

you Are a timely billing of Heating costs . This must be no later than a year after the end of the accounting period you have entered. Otherwise, the claim of the landlord shall expire on a subsequent Payment. Usually, the calendar year of the billing period is expired, which is why for many it is just the deadline for the 2017er-billing of the year. They also insist on an understandable, correct, and complete billing. Check the settlement yourself, or let the tenant Association. Or let a specialized service provider help – our experts have identified two that make the good. If the settlement is inadequate, please speak to payroll and ask you for back payments until a deferment of payment. You have a mistake in the settlement a year for a contradiction . If the hot water is no heat quantity measurement , you can cost according to §12 of the heating costs regulation the hot water reduce your heating billing a flat rate of 15 percent. If you don’t understand the billing or cost can not believe in points, let the records break down and ask inspection of the relevant documents . If your in-house management Gas or fuel oil purchases too expensive, ask your building management to change the. It is committed to economic Action. Not to change the district heating provider. However, the so-called power of the tenement is often oversized. In the studied settlements, we found 14 houses a high potential for savings of an average of 300 euros for a 100-square-meter apartment every year. Ask the property management to check the connection.

And here is the most important information for landlords and property managers .

you Get the value of your property by way of an ordinary heating system and a reliable accounting of the Heating costs. You can fix small Defects in the heating immediately, it would be annoying if the heating system fails in a frost period. insulate heating pipes in the basement, and for tenants inaccessible Places and renew the valves of the thermostat. It saves the overall cost, we were also pleased with the tenants and provides for more peace. Discuss with the tenants in advance and in the rest of the necessary energy-related modernization measures – such as a new heating system and extensive Insulation work. Your tenants have rights and can make the necessary modernizations. The more revealing your Heating bill, the greater your power of Persuasion.

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