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the voice of The soldiers at the radio device applied to sound: You have lost the enemy convoy in the darkness from the eyes, he said. The vehicles arrived in the village of Hwaiz, but would have deleted your headlights. Another said that he was going to shoot anyway.

The radio recordings from the evening of 19. In January, the presence of the MIRROR, documenting a new level of escalation in the Syria war. Because last Saturday, Syrian associations of the two large-Assad’s allies – Russia and Iran – with tanks, grenade launchers and heavy machine los guns on each other. After the insurgents are largely defeated, aggravated the fight for the spoils: Who controls Syria?

In this particular case: Who’s in control of the strategically important plain of al-Ghab in the North-West of the province of Hama? The long-stretched valley is located between the home province of the Assad-clan in the West and Idlib province in the East, the last stronghold of the rebels.

What Assad wants, plays no role at all

Tehran wants to control the area and had soldiers of the fourth Division, commanded officially by the President’s brother Maher al-Assad, but de facto of Iran is controlled, in the past few weeks, several villages in the Ghab-occupy the valley.

Moscow wants to control the Terrain as well, and sent massive reinforcements for the Russia-armed and-trained fifth army corps, commanded by Syrian Brigadier-General Souheil Hassan in the city of Schatha on the Western edge of the level.

What dictator Bashar al-Assad in Damascus wants is unclear, but played no great role.

On the Morning of the 19. January each other opened up both sides of the fire. The Russian-Syrian corps, the Iranian-Syrian Division quickly consider, a took from village to village, destroying an armored troop-carrier of the Fourth Division in the hamlet of Qaber Fidda and had reached up to the evening, the small town of Hwaiz on the Eastern edge of the level. That place, in which the radio soldiers of the Fourth Division, they could still use in the rapidly saw the darkness move in, but due to lack of lighting no more fire. Since then, it has calmed down the situation a bit. Sporadic’m going to keep shooting each other, but that’s only with light weapons.

killed As many men on both sides, is unclear. The estimates range from several dozen to 200. None of the parties involved has an interest, to make battles among allies, publicly. Only witnesses from the villages, family members of fighters and the scout of the rebels from Idlib, the listening to continue to the radio traffic against page, have delivered in the past few days, the pieces of the puzzle to the overall picture.

Iran and Russia, the common enemy is lost

the conflict between Russia and Iran in Syria is not new. The hired or acquired units of the two powers are to each other: in mid-October, there were days of fighting between the Assad-loyal Sunni Mafia Clan Berris, who wanted to establish themselves after the victory over the rebels as new masters of Eastern Aleppo, and the Iranian-Syrian militias, which had the same goal. Officially, the Russian military police withdrew from East Aleppo, but at the same time, the Berris to get weapons, ammunition and logistical help of the Russians.

in June the Russian military and the Lebanese Hezbollah shot were ready, when the Russians wanted to take over the Lebanese-Syrian border, which is claimed by Hezbollah, Iran’s oldest and most important foreign militia.

The trigger for such fights under Assad’s allies are often the disputes of the local militias over who should control what territory and plunder. However, the reasons for the Russian-Iranian dissent go deeper. Since almost all of the major rebel areas Robert Aleppo, the suburbs of Damascus, the province of Dara are in the South – the unlikely allies of the common enemy is lost.

The more the different objectives are clear: Moscow wants to bring Syria to the peace, international to can and and not mixed in with the high-explosive questions of faith. Iran, however, has much more far-reaching goals and with immense effort trying to make the ruling minority of alawites “right” Shiite Muslims. According to the model of Hezbollah in Lebanon, a Shiite state should control in the state in the future Syria.

Assad’s victory is. nothing

in order to change the Iranians supporters even in the case of Assad is extremely unpopular Damascus wants to control his vassals against each other, and not Vice-versa, you be controlled. In addition, in the case of the alawites, who have a lax relationship to the Islamic ban on alcohol, and their women are rarely veiled, well, to want them, the Iranians abstinence and veil to impose.

And so little of Iran’s Power in Syria is estimated to be so harsh, the verdict in Tehran is: “Assad and Putin are us victims,” complained already at the end of June the Deputy Behrouz Bonyadi in the Iranian Parliament. Despite what Iran of money and people for Assad’s makes have sacrificed, will leave the axis Russia-Damascus soon Tehran in the stitch to secure in return the favor of the Israelis and the Americans.

But that will not change the power relations in Syria and Assad’s victory a bit, do not be expect, nevertheless, predicts Mohanad Hage Ali from Beirut’s Carnegie Middle East Center. The long-time observer of the Russian-Iranian relationship in the neighbouring country, says soberly, “especially Iran, Russia is dependent in Syria, but both are dependent on each other. No page will only escalate the conflict.”

Summary: In the Syrian province of Hama have shot up in recent days, rival allies of the dictator Bashar al-Assad each other: the Iran-controlled Fourth army division, and the Russia-equipped Fifth army corps. Both sides fighting over Power, influence and about who is allowed to plunder the area.

video analysis: “Northern Syria is in a state of suspense,”

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