“I said Yes,” writes Supermodel Heidi Klum to Christmas on Instagram. Watch companions also take a photo with your life, the Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz. The Couple got engaged now apparently.

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I SAID YES free to play game.

shared A post by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Dec 24, 2018 11:01 PST

For the German world star Klum, it would be the third marriage. Finally, the mother of four Interviews was excluded, nor to marry again.


Since may of this year, Klum and Kaulitz are a Few. The relationship between the 49-Year-old and the 29-Year-old caused some discussion because of the age difference. The presenter of the Show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and the musicians were in love in pictures in social networks or, for example, at the Cannes film festival. “You just have a happy life without having to worry to much about what people think,” said Klum.


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