Heiko Maas tried it with a friendly speech: “Dear Sergei,” he calls to his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, as the two in the press room of the guest house of Russian foreign Ministry. But Lavrov does not look up once, he is busy with his papers.

Maas, came to Moscow to talk with Russian foreign Ministers on the INF Treaty to ban land-based Nuclear medium-range missiles (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces). It is a last attempt to preserve the agreement, the Europe’s security interests “system, as a way of” touch, as it is expressed in the Maas. He adds: “We are of the opinion that Russia can save the contract.” Moscow could do this, by coming clean on his “breach of contract cruise missiles that is verifiable”. Lavrov Maas followed with a callous’ words.


As the two foreign Ministers sitting side by side, hardly a glance for the other – that says a lot about the state of German-Russian relations. It stood, not only in the INF-still agreement, but also in the Ukraine conflict.

Maas under Lavrov’s proposal to send German and French observers in the Strait of Kerch to the Russian-annexed Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea. They will document the free passage of the ships””. Lavrov sees the proposal critically, because he’ll be Packed again with a “political process”, as he calls it, together, the agreement with the Ukrainian government. And anyway, there was always a free passage for merchant ships, claiming the Russian Diplomat. What is not true, however, Ukrainian ships could not often happen for days in the past year, the narrow sea.

Maas, the hits on the evening, his Ukrainian counterpart, has tried, at least, you might say benevolent. A lot more was not to be expected. His journey serves more as a proof of working. He aims to demonstrate that the Germans leave no stone unturned – especially when the INF Treaty.

a teacher

Because the clock is ticking, in 16 days, the period of the United States. Until then, Russia will give its commitment to its medium-missile of the type 9M729 (Nato-Code: SSC-haul-crush 8). This failed, according to the United States, but also of Nato countries against the INF agreement. In 1987, the Soviet Union and the United States had made this agreement. You be obliged both sides to the abolition of all land-based ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometers. At the same time, she says, the production and testing of such systems.

Sergei Lavrov

But as Lavrov has Maas with appeals, no Chance. The Russian diplomat said, since 2004, in the office, on Friday what he is doing in these days like press conferences. Like a teacher in front of students he takes in front of the journalists minutes long, that the USA is not interested in facts. The Tests of missiles under the INF Treaty are the 500-kilometre had taken place-range limit.

Russia keep the Treaty in a very transparent manner, the Minister of foreign Affairs: “However, we are rejected very coarse, and given an Ultimatum.” Moscow also suggested that American experts could inspect the weapons and control. This, too, had been rejected at a Meeting in Geneva of the Americans, says Lavrov. Russia was doing everything to rescue the agreement – that is the image of what you are trying to draw Moscow now.

Who is to blame?

The Maas wants to let this stand. He logs on to Lawrows submissions several times, to complement them, that is to say: to correct. The Russians had to know about five years a piece about your missile system. That’s not what encouraged the Belief that Moscow respects the INF Treaty.

the Two sides are likely to already be in front of Maas’ visit have been clear, that the INF Treaty is hardly save. In Moscow you have to be convinced anyway, since the visit of Trumps security adviser John Bolton in October, is that there is no Chance to keep the agreement. This had made it very clear that Washington has no interest in the contract. Not only because of the violations by Russia, but also because countries like North Korea or China were not bound with your rockets to the requirements of the agreement. The paper does not picture simply the security of political reality.

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Long is not the agreement, but who is ultimately to blame for its Failure: U.S. President Donald Trump, has announced that the contract terminate? Or Russia, which injured him in the opinion of the Nato for years?

Maas tried it with a thrust. He announces for March in Berlin, a conference with the long-term goal of a comprehensive arms control architecture. He knew that it “applies to drilling thick boards”. Lavrov welcomed the Initiative. A Russia’s participation in the conference, he says, but not explicitly.

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