you surely know the African proverb that it takes a whole village to raise a child? This means that neighbours, Acquaintances and Strangers should interfere in the upbringing of children, in order for this to work well.

For helicopter parents is such a notion of the greatest possible Assault. Only you alone can and must judge the behaviour of your child and comment – no matter how impossible your talent is acting, and whether they notice at all.

This then leads to scenes such as: A child on a plane for hours in the back of the front man, the turn over at some point over the Atlantic ocean and eventually through struggles, and to ask the child kindly to this. But alas, it is a gehelikoptertes child.

“He didn’t do nothing!”, “Don’t swear at my child!” “It is a child – don’t be like that!” – the cute reactions of the corresponding parents.

DISPLAY Lena Greiner, Carola Padtberg:
I don’t need to sleep with on a school trip – my daughter otherwise!

New incredible stories about helicopter parents

Ullstein paperback; 224 pages; 10,00 EUR

Running time not around with the child in Public, there are others to blame, the way outrageous the street, the cafe or the changing rooms to use.

In the new book “I must be on a class trip – my daughter may not sleep” is the MIRROR-ONLINE-editors Lena Greiner and Carola Padtberg pack midwives, educators, teachers, sports coaches, professors, lawyers, Doctors, study consultants, and children, what do you übermotivierten parents have experienced.

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helicopter parents in the Public

A supermarket staff member tells the story:

“A mother arrives with her eight-year-old son, and a kids shopping cart in the Store. The son moves constantly against the shelves, leaning on the car, so the tires are already pushed to the outside. I pray to the mother, her son, to reprove, finally, a small cart costs quite a bit of money.

the mother answers: ‘no, my son gets from me no instructions on what is right or wrong. He must be able to alone assess.'”

education? Me but don’t care!

“A child who has received at the butcher’s, the usual sausage disc, will be prompted by another customer-friendly, to say thank you. Then the mother explained that the child did not say thank you. After all, it was a service of butcher’s offering to its sales boost.”

In a Boutique in Hamburg-Eppendorf:

“A mother an expensive Outfit tried, her five-year-old son a beating, meanwhile, with a metal buckle on the mirror. The seller is very friendly attention to the fact that the mirror could break. the mother is outraged: Do you prefer to think about the fact that my son could be hurt!'”

Trauma in the whole foods market:

“In the checkout area of a Munich-based whole foods market breaks a approximately eight-year-old Boy is bored, a granola bar after the other from the outer packaging and throw it away afterwards, unmotivated on the floor. The appeal of the somewhat shy cashier to stop, he ignores with a cheeky Grin. As I call on him audibly annoyed, immediately to stop, flies immediately to the maternal helicopter around the corner.

As the son sees it, he starts on the push of a button to howl and immediately calms down any Globules, in order to overcome the Trauma that I inflicted on him. The cashier and I look briefly at a loss, while the mother berated constantly.”

Friday, 17.30 in the supermarket:

“The Shop is full to bursting, all want to into the weekend. I’m behind a family in the Store: mother, father, child and the grandparents. You push a shopping wagons in front of them, two blue Ikea bags full of plastic bottles, in-between, the child is seated.

As the group in the pledge machines reached, the child and him will down a bottle in the Hand. Then the car is positioned in such a way that the child can tow with a stretched out Arm, and Mutters the help of the bottle into the hole. The family breaks out in hymns of praise, what an intelligent being.

Unfortunately, it remains in a bottle: The entire contents of both Ikea-bags is lifted from the gifted and talented child under the applause of storms in the vending machines. I can’t get rid of my bottles in this purchase, and as I have already paid, the queue at the vending machine.”

the child NEVER sleep again:

“I have long worked in a Children’s specialty store. One day a completely dissolved the mother in front of me: A tire had burst the car on the children during a walk. Due to the sudden shock, the Baby woke up, and since then, the biorhythm of the child is destroyed. The child could not sleep at all, because it was generally asleep in the car and this is now broken. For this, they wanted to make us liable.”

chicken scratch on the hotel wall:

“I’m working in a conference hotel, for the weekend also families with us, but they are often a guest. How some children’s behavior is frightening. Even worse, however, is that the parents just stand by and calmly smile. The kids play Catch in the Restaurant, running into the kitchen, throwing food. You paint walls and pillows in the rooms – and the parents argue diligently, why it was okay.

A child has tried, a maid in the bathroom lock. The parents have founded the afterwards seriously: The woman had scared the child, because she spoke no English.”

Has made the hairdresser, the beautiful, Schatzi?

“I’m a hairdresser. If I’m cutting children’s hair, afterwards ask many parents, the children, whether they were with the hair cut. Some are only three years old. The kids say no, we start again from the beginning.”


“With a girlfriend, I’m sitting in the Café, next to us, as parents, with an approximately five-year-old girl. For everything the child does, it is praised by Papi in the highest tones. As the parents go a few meters further to the Buffet, the girls to sing and is getting louder and louder, until we can talk.

The parents to Shine through indifference, until another woman says, very quietly, to the child: ‘Can you sing a little quieter, please?’ Immediately, the father is back on the table and thunders the woman, not to fucking yell at his child. He is the Only one who screams. And the daughter, of course, starts to cry.”

want to enter only

“I’m standing in the locker room of my gym on the Cabinet. Next to me a mother with her son. The Boy is kicking all the time at the door of the Cabinet next to me, so these bangs incessantly against my door. At some point I ask him to stop.
the mother to me: ‘He may.’
And to her son: ‘Anton, keep doing that.'”


“I stayed with friends whose child was three years old. Pretty stunned I was when you asked me to use the 19 at the toilet. The Little else might be awake.”

liability instead of manners

“We had to be friends with your child. At the table the Boy slammed the Cup on the saucer.
The father to the mother: ‘Take that away from him the Cup.’
mother: ‘Why, he has yet to learn that porcelain is fragile.’
But not with my dishes, I think.
And as the father exactly pronounce, comes prompt, the mother: ‘We have a liability insurance.'”

A trait of helicopter parents is not that they allow their children to never from the eyes, and, preferably, time of the Hand. Sometimes you do this but – and the children do age appropriate things, however, are not necessarily compatible with the environment in which mommy and daddy are super markets, boutiques, Restaurants, Hotels, Barber shops. Of social behavior, one should not appeal in such situations, however.

Even among friends, it can lead to unpleasant situations. Because: How do you react, if the good friend or best buddy suddenly mutated to the helicopter?

you Know helicopter parents? picture alliance / Bildagentur-o From the spelt forced to action: Are you a midwife, a teacher, an educator, a pediatrician, a faculty Advisor, a Professor, a lawyer, a sports coach or neighbor/friend/Acquaintance? To influence parents have been absurd claims on you or trying to spy on them, or clamp – to the alleged benefit of the children of your own?

Send us your absurd anecdotes about helicopter parents and/or anonymous (WhatsApp)-dialogues . (With a submission, you agree with an anonymous publication on SPIEGEL ONLINE, and all the other media of the SPIEGEL group agrees.)


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