It is located in the heart of Italy, only a few kilometers from the annually well-attended tourist town of Rimini – and yet, many vacationers do not know the tiny state of San Marino. We find: but they Should!

The Autonomous state, which consists of several villages and a historic old town, is located on the top of Monte Titano. He is regarded as the oldest Republic in the world. Since the year 301, he was already there and was since then always independent. Even Napoleon acknowledged during his campaign through Europe, the independence of San Marino. /narvikk the oldest Republic in The world: they will consist of since the year 301 after Christ.

Medieval buildings and churches, narrow winding streets, as well as Restaurants and cafes on every corner, give the city a special Flair like in Tuscany. But there is a lot of what makes the midget state, is considered to be the least visited country in Europe, to be an insider tip for tourists.

San Marino: A city above the clouds

A reason why San Marino its independence over 1700 years was able to defend, is the location of the city on the summit ridge of Monte Titano. The mountain, an isolated spur of the Apennines, shapes the image of the surrounding landscape – the Italian Emilia-Romagna region. The city is so high that it is on some days, the only thing that protrudes from the clouds. /Flavio Vallenari immersed in a sea of clouds: a dwarf state located on the summit ridge of Monte Titano. To achieve

the car-free old town only on foot via stairs and lifts, or a gondola on the way up from the village of Borgo Maggiore, at the foot of the mountain to the summit. On the summit of the many Highlights: for Example, the city of castles, but also a small part of unique museums, wait, how a torture Museum, or an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci and his works. In addition, the daily detachment of the guards at the Palazzo Pubblico is a real eye-catcher.

the view from The walls and towers is unique: On the one side of the Apennines is adorned with the image, in the other direction the waters of the Adriatic sea reflects the sun light. In between the hills of the Emilia-Romagna region. Here are the journey-Newsletter

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The slopes of the mountain and the surrounding countryside also offers Hiking and walks. Again and again, the Wanderer meets old stone benches that invite you to Rest. But they are also suitable for mountain bikers and climbers.

San Marino for collectors and Gourmets

anyone Who has become from the Sport, the museums, or stroll through the city, hungry, in a myriad of Restaurants with classic Italian food and local specialities are spoilt for choice. San Marino is mainly used for cheese, olive oil and wine known. The latter is cultivated for over 2000 years in the area.

A major Highlight of the mini-state holds, however, for shopping lovers: in San Marino the taxes are very low. Some Italy vacationers that are in the area, therefore even short trips there just to shop.

collectors will appreciate it also because of its unique coins and stamps. /NMelander Incredibly romantic: sunsets of San Marino castle walls.

Although San Marino is an independent state and a member of the EU, there are no border controls. But anyone who has his passport at Hand, you can pick up at the tourist info for the coveted entry stamp.

For a trip to the feast days of the Republic are particularly suitable, during which decorated the town time-consuming and medieval parades emergence.

And for all, do not want to make it to the festivities, but nonetheless, an exceptional atmosphere, we still have a last tip: no sunrise or sunset is so wonderful to experience, as of the castle of San Marino’s walls.

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