The Frankfurt YouTuber Thomas Panke, the critically with Lego products, and got himself in Trouble with the Danish toy producer. Among other things, for his YouTube channel “Hero of the stones” he used, until Recently, a Logo that contained a symbolized studs-block. Because of this Logos, he received, according to their own information at the beginning of the year, a solicitor’s Letter on behalf of Lego.

In the letter, he had been prompted to delete the icon, what he had done, stated Panke in a YouTube Video, in which he reported on the a lawyer Write. His previous Logo was shown next to the words “Hero of the stones,” a blue block with three studs. Now, the new Logo shows a meerkat with a Cape.

In his channel Panke discusses in 2014, including Lego products, his Videos have been a total of click 35 million Times, almost 180,000 YouTube users have subscribed to the channel. While Pankes Videos usually have 50,000 to 80,000 calls, his Video of the Lego-lawyer writing in the first two days after the publication of more than 600,000 Times, clicked. In social media such as Twitter and Facebook, the incident has brought the toy manufacturer plenty of criticism.

fear of “dilution of the brand,”

Without directly on the “Hero of gems”, the group has published on Facebook an opinion. In the States, we take the protection of trademark rights very seriously, and wants to ensure “that third parties bring any characters for the registration, the could the LEGO brand dilute, as this would be, in our view, in the case of a sign with a Similarity to our brands.”


Lego also stated that the company appreciate the opinion and Feedback of the Fans: “the feedback to our products, we get, for example, in the Form of video posts on YouTube, are valuable for us”. In addition, you said “clear for freedom of expression” and respect “therefore, of course, also critical voices.”

YouTuber Panke expressed disappointment over the action of Lego. He ended, therefore, the direct business relationships. He will continue to sell Lego products, but only those of which he was convinced, said Panke, operates in Frankfurt am Main, a small Shop for so-called terminal block-models as well as Lego making them.

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