The Hessian CDU has offered to the Green coalition negotiations for the formation of a government in the country. The cooperation and trust of the party as a government partner in the past five years is a good basis for a stable and reliable Alliance in the next parliamentary term, said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier after a meeting of the CDU land Executive Committee. “We know ourselves and are aware of the respective priorities of the partner.”

The Green were ready. “We accept our responsibility and do not want to be in the next five years, for the sake of the country,” said Kai Klose, country head of the party.

The Christian Democrats remained, despite a clear loss of votes in the Landtag election, the strongest force in the state of Hesse. After the announcement of the final result of the state election you can put your government in coalition with the Green party with the slender majority of only one mandate.

The Green emerged after the CDU as the second-strongest force from the election, just ahead of the SPD. Traditionally, the winner of the election is the invitation to the other parties to the talks to discuss whether there is a basis for a joint government coalition.

the CDU and the Green of Hesse reign since 2013. Shortly after the exploratory talks after the parliamentary election, the two parties had indicated that they can imagine, in spite of the narrow majority, to continue to cooperate. Because there were several errors in the vote count and the majority were, according to the provisional final result, very nearly, was not to last, whether Black-and-Green, the government can set a coalition.

The official results, the CDU in the new Parliament of 40 MPs, the SPD and the greens received 29 mandates. The FDP members of the eleven Parliament and the Left, the nine represented. The AfD moves with 19 members for the first time in the Wiesbaden state Parliament has a total of 137 members.

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