In the action on Sunday night, around 250 police officers were involved: The officials worked in the state of Hesse, especially along the highways, from Parking lot to Parking lot and knocked on the doors of the Truck to check the drivers if they had alcohol to drink.

Subsequently, the police informed pouring in From around 1200 controlled drivers 190 alcohol had been drinking. In 79 of them the breath alcohol test have a value of more than 0.5 per Mille appear – these drivers was therefore the Start to the end of the Sunday driving ban (22 hours). The police loaded some of the trucks Park, claws and made sure other drivers documents, or the keys to the vehicle, as it was said in the message.

Among the vehicles near Darmstadt, was therefore also a dangerous goods truck that was loaded with nitric acid. The driver had 1.5 per mil alcohol in the breath. The man a longer break had been prescribed, according to the police.

according to The figures, it was the “first large-scale Hessen-wide Prevention campaign”, the driver’s commercial shipments were controlled. In the future it would “certainly continue”.


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