The thing in the state of Hesse is now so messed up, that by the Ministry of the interior of a figure to journalists will be sent. It is designed to explain a scandal that is larger every week.

The authorities are investigating, in the meantime, against twelve police officers. You should right share of radical ideas or Connections in the scene. Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) said, ‘ there is no evidence for a “right network”. However, in two Complexes, the trail leads in the same small town. Of The Overview.

Frankfurter chat group

this complex began cases, the series of suspected. The Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office determined against five police officers and a colleague, who should have shared in the chat group “Itiot” Hitler images and swastikas. In addition, a track leads in the case of an attorney-at-law, received in the summer, a Drohschreiben with the signature “NSU 2.0”, to the Suspect.

Immediately prior to the Sending of the Fax over a police computer of the 1. Police station in Frankfurt data on the lawyer queried. The suspect officials are suspended. Still, it is unclear who has sent the Fax.

The case “Fair”

at the beginning of November 2018 noticed two cops at a fun Fair in the Hessian town of Kirtorf. You should be right extreme Statements, with the rich citizens of a given scene, typical Tattoos to wear. The staff of the procedure office declined to press charges. It is brothers, , working in the police headquarters in the West of Hesse, and Hesse.

After displaying their apartments were searched. Investigators discovered the 44-Year-old weapons and Nazi memorabilia, such as SS uniforms, posters, medals. The Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office determined because of a violation of the arms act, sedition and using anti-constitutional flag. Against the other brother, a procedure also runs.

More on the topic of lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz Uncompromisingly for the rule of law

The investigation led to three other police officers that may be quite radical. A 35-Year-old people to have hateful messages sent to the public Prosecutor’s office determined. Against the other two officials initial suspicions that the LKA investigates according to the Ministry of the interior.

The betrayal of a friend

In January and February of 2016, is said to have requested a COP of the Presidium of the vehicle data on the radical Right, Carsten. The officials did this, according to security circles for a well-Known, Martina H. she had previously met Carsten M. and wanted to know what the police knew about him.

According to the Ministry of the interior there is no evidence that the police officer acted from a radical right-wing attitude. From security circles, it is said, the query I had personal motives. The police have warned Martina H. in front of Carsten. In the meantime, the officials working in lower Saxony.

extremism in the police For Law and order

Whether and how deeply Martina H. at the time, already in the extreme right-wing scene was involved, is unclear. However, at the latest, in may of 2017, so a good year after the query, to prepare a violent neo-Nazi force, have heard. Martina H. and Carsten M. are accused in the hall, among other things because of dangerous bodily injury. If the officials wanted to warn you so, in fact, he had apparently no success.

there Is a connection between the cases?

Minister of the interior, Beuth, that the facts are not to be mixed, like he had to tell. There is so far no evidence-based relationships, the presence of a right-wing network in the police.

Still, it might turn out that the cases are closer than expected. Because the trail leads in a small town of about 3300 residents: Kirtorf. There is a meeting, according to the “FAZ” every year, the extreme Right – against great resistance from the citizens.

Here, only the 44-year-old police officer, in which they found weapons and Nazi posters lives. But also one of the officials who was in the chat group “Itiot”, in the apparently Hitler images were sent.

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