The Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen (JLU), despite high failure rates, self-confident: “The JLU is to your way of medical training,” – said in a Press release. The study was explained to the Dean of the faculty of medicine, Dieter Körholz, that his prospective Doctors can in the future get a tutor, at the expense of the University.

For the budding doctors in Gießen fall nationwide, and is particularly often by the state exam – an exam consisting mainly of Multiple-Choice questions. The “Frankfurter Rundschau reported, among other things,” citing an internal Protocol of the Department meeting in October.

Test all

This is for Dean Körholz, but only a secondary Problem. “The Knowledge that is tested in the state examinations, of course, is a prerequisite for the medical profession,” emphasizes the Dean. The study of medicine in Giessen was “marked by the awareness that this can’t be everything”.

“What makes a good doctor or a good Doctor – alongside a comprehensive range of Knowledge, empathy, interest in the patients, communication skills, and critical Thinking – can hardly be by the check tests in the first and second state exam check,” says Körholz, and shall designate the route to the pour, particular value is placed.

Nevertheless, the University can see itself in the obligation to support the students as well as possible, in order to pass the Multiple-Choice Tests. Because: It could not be slowing it down afford in times of a shortage of Doctors, “aspiring good Doctors, because they fail at the first attempt on Multiple Choice Tests,” explains the President of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Joybrato Mukherjee.

So the University funded students with a refresher in the company Medi-Learn that is also offered at other universities. However, the participants have to pay themselves something.

Repetitorium tired of Reform of the Curriculum

In the duty to reform their curriculum, not the Uni, apparently. It refers, however, to the fact that the composition of their student quotas for the diarrhea to blame. Because the University will forgive up to 15 percent of their University places to Applicants with a completed vocational education and training.

“What is for the medical profession conducive to helping non-exam just the Physikum (the first state), where students with a fresh upper stage of knowledge is often an advantage to be”, – stated in the press release.

This looks at the medical student, however, is different. They welcomed the Initiative, according to a report in the “Hessenschau”. Fachschaftsrätin Anne Lindemann said, therefore, it is a witness of esteem that the University assume the costs. However, this is only a temporary solution. In the longer term, the teaching needs to be improved in a sustainable way. This was in a conversation with the Dean.


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