motorists in Germany have to adjust to the ice. In many places it will be frosty, because the “Gotthard” cold East and North bring the wind to us. The German weather service (DWD) warns, especially in the night from Saturday to Sunday, to the regional roads smooth .

On Saturday, in the West, and the South first, for a long time still Sunny and dry most of the time. Daily maximum values can reach minus four to zero degrees, in the West and South-West of Germany, up to two degrees plus. In the night is particularly warranted in the West and southwest on the streets of caution. It can snow and later rain, which could lead to frozen soils, also on a Sunday morning to “mirror-smooth roads,” said DWD meteorologist Magdalena Bertelmann.

On Sunday, the precipitation region from West to East. Fixed it according to the DWD, due to freezing rain will be more smooth. In the Eastern half of it will be minus three to plus one degree of cold, else is zero to six.

The onset of winter on the third Sunday in Advent, however, is only of short duration: On Monday in Germany mild . Sun, clouds and showers alternate with temperatures two to seven degrees. On Tuesday, the sun disappears at similar temperatures.


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