Deutsche Telekom is suing a media report, according to against the power Agency because of the assignment of the 5G rules-frequencies for fast mobile. The lawsuit had been filed to the administrative court of Cologne, reported the “world” in its issue for Wednesday. Thus, all three network operators before they have to go to Germany legally against the network Agency.

Shortly before Christmas, had already been submitted by Vodafone and Telefonica complaints. Now the Telekom moved. “The more stringent development requirements go significantly beyond what has been described, the Federal network Agency before self as a reasonable and proportionate”, – quotes the “world” of the Telecom.

the auction of The frequencies to go in the spring. The core of the dispute: guidelines, which relate mainly to the so-called Roaming. This means that mobile phone users will be connected in a radio hole automatically and free of charge with the network of another telecommunications group. From a consumer perspective, it’s not useful – from the perspective of the network operator.

The mobile operators fear of significant economic disadvantages. Since they would have to leave the competition on their antennas, would devalue your investments in expensive radio masts, warns Deutsche Telekom. “The completely unclear regulations for national Roaming to jeopardise investments, in particular in rural areas”, said a Telekom spokesman in the “world”.

works Council warns of staff cuts

“Would such a Roaming, devalues our investment and future expenditure in infrastructure, and thus also to the staff would have to be lowered,” said works Council chief of the German Telekom, Josef Bednarski, the news Agency dpa. In the long term staff would have to be saved.

In the case of the three network operators Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone would be a total of a five-digit number of jobs threatened, warned Bednarski. He described the requirements of the Union and the SPD as “populism”, to score points with consumers – they are far from the economic reality. Bednarski had written together with his counterparts at Telefónica and Vodafone a letter to the policy, to warn of the, in its view, negative consequences.

the auction of The frequencies provides the starting shot for the development of the 5G network. 5G stands for fifth generation mobile technology. The network will clearly bring faster mobile Internet. This is especially important for the industry, for example in Autonomous Driving. The transmission rate is about a hundred times as high as in the case of 4G (LTE).

The network operators need to invest for the frequencies of large sums of money. The concern: too high requirements, you will earn too little of it. The Federal network Agency had tightened the conditions for the award of the 5G frequencies of pressure from the policy. Especially, the company made further conditions for the Expansion of the radio networks.


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