For families with Wanderlust: the North-West of the United States, Costa Rica, Slovenia

Costa Rica

My tip for a family adventure, a Roadtrip in the Camper by the northwestern United States is . On the Route to great cities like Portland, with a spectacular Food scene, or Seattle. Medium to large U.S. cities such as these inspire us, meanwhile, often more than the megacities. Everything is extremely family friendly, there are great museums, Accommodations, and playgrounds. Exploring the city will work with the rented load wheels, even with small children just fine. In Oregon and Washington State 1 spectacular beaches lined along the Highway No.. My favorites: the Bullards Beach State Park and Cape Lookout State Park. The city beach of Seattle in Golden Gardens Park is also very nice. The Olympic National Park near the canadian border, is an almost mystical place.

super, Costa Rica . The country is manageable and still with the jungle, mountains, Pacific and Caribbean coast is very versatile. We were three weeks with a rented Jeep on the way that has worked well. Our favorite places: Samara and Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast, and Monteverde in the interior with the cloud forests and the volcano Arenal national Park. Planning tip: To San José fly to and from the second international airport in Liberia, taking off again – so you do not need to back after a round trip in the capital.

One of our new favorite places in Europe, the country triangle of Slovenia-Austria-Italy is . A day there looks like this: in the morning, in the Millstatt lake in Carinthia-baden, in the afternoon in Slovenia by the Karl-May scenery in the Triglav national Park in the Julian Alps, Hiking, in the evening, in the Italian town of Tarvisio for a Pizza. Pretty perfect!

Christine white born is the author and Co-editor of the travel book Tiny Adventures – on-the-Go bag and mini pack. Together with Sarah new village, and Serena Hatfield, the mother of three children, runs the Blog, Greta’s friends.

For culture travelers: Sudan and Siberia

After the very difficult years of Egypt is experiencing a tourist Revival. Those who appreciate the culture of the Nile loves, but not only in Cairo, Luxor or Abu Simbel on the Agenda, but more towards the South travel: through the historical Nubia to the Sudan – a fantastic, yet fairly undiscovered country. Pyramid fields, such as in the ancient city of Meroe are empty of people; in the Wüstenwadi Sebu prehistoric drawings of animals of the bovine species, goats and sheep; the views over the rapids of the third Nilkataraktes is unforgettable. Another Highlight: the red mountain of Jebel Barkal – the Nubian Olympus. Of course, one must not expect in the Sudan, the familiar comfort that you experienced in addition to all the cultural treasures the vibrant Village life of the descendants of the Nubians.

Admittedly, to spend The summer holiday, of all things, in Siberia , may not be an obvious idea, but it is a very rewarding. Irkutsk, the Vastness of the landscape at lake Baikal, Olkhon island, Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic and the gateway to Asia – Russia is as a country to Travel in. In Moscow has done a lot in recent years, St. Petersburg is a classic – Siberia, however, is something entirely different. The best time to visit Siberia is between June and August.

Jörg Meltzer is the tour operator Studiosus area Manager for the Arab world, East Africa and Russia.

For cyclists: Lahntal-Radweg, Emmental cheese Route, East Frisia

in the coming year, the tours stay along rivers is very popular. The routes are varied and rich in experiences. My recommendation of the Lahn valley cycle path (Start: Netphen, target: Lahnstein, length: approx. 240 km). Anyone in the mood for a “change of vehicle”, can be avoided between Dietz and Lauren castle some meters with the canoe. In addition, the cities along the route – Marburg, Gießen and Wetzlar – very worthwhile stops.

For all those who want to make a pure holiday in the saddle in between, but always want to load changes for Cycling days, Radregionen with themed routes perfectly. You are good at creating, within a day. For me personally, the like the Emmental cheese Route in the Cycling Region “castle Park in the Allgäu”. Along the way, the yard, and mountain dairies, dairies with cheese diaries – hungry nobody drives here.

Very happy, I’m also in East Frisia : The cycle lanes on the Ammerland route is traffic free and pitch-free. East Friesland looks on this 168 km long circular course is as idyllic as you would imagine the Region. Once again, a piece of longer the Tour de Fries. From Wilhelmshaven to go back here along the coast and through the inland and back again.

Louise Böhler is also a tourism consultant to the General German Bicycle Club e. V. ADFC campaigns for the promotion of Cycling both as a leisure activity as well as in everyday traffic.

For the Globetrotter to experience travel in a different way: South Tyrol and Helsinki

things, the long-lasting effect and a inside change – then more and more people are looking for. Transformative travel is a current Trend. I am pleased, therefore, on the forest bathing in South Tyrol . Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese practice, the healing will be explored effect of the forest for decades. In the Forest, and swimming is not immersed in the water of a lake, but in the nature. All the senses are awake, while you are running barefoot on the soft moss floor, which enjoys clear air and silence. At once one perceives the small things we have no views: the crawling beetle, the threads of a spider’s web. Actually, it was “only” in the woods – and yet you feel so recovered, as it would have been very far away.

Urban contrast and absolutely worth the trip Helsinki is . The Finnish capital is completely undeserved in the shadow of Copenhagen, or Stockholm in the Restaurants and design developed so much in the kitchen. The city is relaxed, and in nature, it is also fast. Impressed me, how the Finns push the topic of sustainability.

Bernd Neff is a managing Director of the Berlin Travel Festivals, the deals with new perspectives of the travel and of 8. to 10. March 2019.

youth hostel fans: Hesse sky and on the water in Heilbronn

our brand new house in the baden-württemberg Heilbronn – located on the grounds of the Federal garden show (17. April to 6. October) at the river Neckar. The terrain is sure to delight not only flower and plant lovers, but also offers great Tobemöglichkeiten for children – such as the new beach Playground on the North Bank of the Charles lake, or the climbing wall in the Harbor Park. For youth hostel guests, and admission is free.

A giant bunk-bed we set up for sky gazers in the state of Hesse. Up to eight people. From the beginning of June, we can build it in an alternating manner on the premises of the youth hostels in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, Gersfeld, helmarshausen and Hoherodskopf . In the four meters long and two meters wide bunk bed for families or small, intimate groups can make it feel cozy, and the stars in the sky so long to see, until the eyes close. In the price (299 euros per night) included a telescope, a fire bowl baking equipment for bread on a Stick, a Powerbank and Breakfast on the bed.

Oliver Peters is the Deputy managing Director of the German youth hostel Association in Detmold. The DJH in Germany has about 500 houses.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.