the Renewed rape allegations against Bryan Singer: In an article in the U.S. magazine “The Atlantic” before throwing four men to the Director, you seduced, or raped, touched.

Some of the men with 15 or 17 years of Sex with the Singer had the backing and the age is in California at the age of 18 years. A then 13-Year-old claimed that the Director had touched him on the sex part. The cases date back approximately 20 years. “Some of the alleged victims say that they had been seduced by the Director, others speak of rape,” it says in the article.

Singer made a Statement spread, in which he speaks of people “who are willing to go for money and attention to lies”. Three of the four men in the “Atlantic”article, remain anonymous.

Similar allegations against Singer on diving for years. In December 2017, a man claimed that as a 17-Year old from the film-maker raped. The procedure is currently running.

The 53-year-old Singer status at the time of blockbusters like “X-Men” or “Superman Returns” behind the camera. From the Post of the Director of the Oscar-nominated Queen Biopics “Bohemian Rhapsody,” he was fired shortly before the conclusion of the rotation.

at the Time, not appeared in Singer’s days on the Set and in a dispute with the performers to be advised. Despite this and the rape allegations the Singer is currently preparing his new project: A remake of the comic “Red Sonja,” a sword-swinging warrior – which is in history the victim of a rape.


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