anyone Who thinks nationalism, the history of his country as uplifting sequence of heroic events. As there are defeats and victories, setbacks and achievements – all artfully woven motifs in a single rug, 1000 years old and magnificent.

In this carpet is not the Holocaust just a stain. He is a fire hole. You can see the bare ground underneath. It is not possible to patch this hole, or to hide. It is not possible to take this hole to the attention of. Auschwitz is . Who is man, can’t forget this crime against humanity.

The memory of the Shoah is used as a supporting pillar in our community is built. In the first sentence of the basic law based on Immanuel Kant, as well as in Auschwitz: “The Dignity of man is inviolable”.

Selfie with the horrors of the past

The memory of Auschwitz is always political. How can you keep alive when the last Survivors have died? Reminder you can ever keep alive? How can the Terrible educationally fruitful? What to do to make “it” doesn’t repeat itself, neither here nor anywhere else? As we resist the beginnings? These questions are the concern of a society, not to forget Auschwitz, and it wants to draw Lessons.

it May be that the memory in rituals is frozen. The modern Germany is making a Selfie of yourself, with the bad, but the “unmastered” past in the Background.

Again, the representatives of the victims will talk in parliaments, eloquent Survivor, or wise professors – the younger to the Conscience. In the port there is a sad Sonata on the violin, and wreaths for the graves. Mag will be that of shame about the fact, and Proud to fall to your “coping” – or “Never again Auschwitz!” to the slogan for military intervention.

what is New is that in these Speeches some of the representatives of the people demonstratively left the hall, most recently in the speech by Charlotte Knobloch in front of the Bavarian Parliament. What is new is that the representatives of the people to the ritualized laying of a wreath “are not welcome” – such as AfD’s Deputy in Buchenwald.

what is New is that politicians reset their humanity and sanity in favor of other goals.

to reach By memorial hours

For such people, the Holocaust is a global conspiracy with the aim of weakening the resistance against a Jewish hallucinated global capitalism. You doubt, therefore, that it has taken place.

on the Other hand, Auschwitz is for you, what would it “again” or once, to break the Jewish hallucinated global capitalism. You want the Holocaust to take place again.

anyone Who thinks so, is not reached by memorial hours, by scientific evidence or education. Anyone who thinks that the hole in the carpet is so annoying, as are the mandatory Lessons. The wants don’t know any better. Would like to free the hands. Would like to, as the Austrian Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), the primacy of the Right over the policy to reverse.

Therefore, the representatives of a “fermented party” (Alexander Gauland) objectives in this country liked to say that to qualify the event. Thus, it is small and handy. Therefore, they explain the fire-hole to the “bird shit”. Therefore, they complain about the alleged “guilt cult”, call for “honor to our soldiers”. Or, as Björn Höcke, a “reminder of a political 180-degree turn”.

Who turns 180 degrees, the turns.

This he does, to be able to problems with the Other dedicate, “human hardships and unpleasant scenes be avoided” (Björn Höcke). The main thing, we will be stuck with it decent.

such An authoritarian reversal is observed in the democracies of the world, from the USA, Brazil to Hungary. It is a yearning for handle , unencumbered by Lessons of the past, or Ideals such as the “Dignity of man”. How vulnerable and “modifiable” this Would, has shown the Holocaust.

If we do not learn from Auschwitz, then maybe the Learning from Auschwitz. Ethos and morality, and “politics of memory” alone won’t be able to hedge against totalitarianism, anti-Semitism and racism.

Auschwitz does not help to prevent Auschwitz. To do this, it needs more.

Auschwitz. The fire hole.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.