“The used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, and I was looking for poison manufactured by the German industry for this purpose. It is a mucous irritant and corrosive substance contained in addition to the toxic drug, which is why the last minutes of the victims of atrocious pain must have been full,” in Primo Levi’s collection of documents “Auschwitz”. A book that should be mandatory teaching material. In the world.

In the recent two years, the new right-wing populists in Germany, what makes you just as right-wing populists were formed – the and real voters in the basement of your darkest feelings to pick up, provoke, nagging, screaming, lies, simplify. You did your Job as a striker a wonderful, turbo-capitalist and a new social order. If you don’t do it, must do it in the other, a Job is a Job, and so on.

If you dig long enough in the Depths of every human being, somewhere in the storm drain anything that has any thought ever been, and what keeps you from banal civilizational reasons of shame full for. There seemed to be but in all Enthemmungen a taboo to disturb the peace of the Dead, especially if it is Dead in the concentration camps.

as much As many may wish, the Chapter of mass murder had it not been in German history, never was present – as shame-Laden taboo. So many say and think like: “don’t the Hobbies of my grandparents?” As long as there are still living former concentration camp inmates, as long as people exist with tattooed numbers, the tell, had any idea that the KZ-denial and jokes exist somewhere in the underground slurry channels, but society prohibits, and to pull them with wet hands. But nothing since. In the hope to win the last Nazi as a voter, refuse policy, of the interior of a concentration camp Survivor respect.

What shocked me in the past year, the most

Specifically mountain Honks in memorials, and leave the manure in their minds to run free, so that Recently, visitors to the Buchenwald memorial of the rules needed to be changed.

It is this inhumane, stupid, brazen behavior, what shocked me personally the most. To many, it doesn’t matter whether I’m horrified or not. But with a few minutes of each Feel should hold and Thinking to be clear what it means to humanity. It would appear that the film documents the camp. To make the extermination of Jews, Roma, Sinti, Homosexuals, the sick in question, to make jokes about it, as feister bag in the places of absolute horror rumzublaffen, is the end of civilization. Germans in concentration Camps jokes about gruesome Murdered, reveal the absolute low point of your corrupt nature.

Perhaps there is in Brandenburg, soon to be a AfD-CDU coalition, and the AfD would be the chair of the Board of Trustees, the other for the Sachsenhausen concentration camp responsible.

What is the Plan, then, in the name of democracy? A reconstruction of the memorial in a Trostort for deceased concentration camp guards? Research laboratories for new weapons of mass destruction?

Small step to mass murder

“Is that a man” is the title of a book by Primo Levi, in which he describes what can man do to other people. You can gasify, her emaciated body on a ice cold wooden platforms for stacking, you send them on death marches and if they break, with a shot in his neck wipe. Yes, there are people, grandchildren, great-grandchildren of the killers, the places to be rude and scoffing, which are so atrocious, so incredible a short 70 years, that one seems to be able to the misery, the brutality still being felt.

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The step of the shifting borders of the sayable to the which cannot tolerate or active mass murder is small. We are everything. Beasts, Murderers, Sadist Inside, Caring, Compassionate. What everyone understands under his being human, everyone has to decide for themselves.

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