this Sunday, the world looks back on the day before 74 years. 27. In January 1945, the Soviet Red army liberated the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz. This day is for more than 20 years, the official day of remembrance of the victims of national socialism.

The Wiesenthal center, a Jewish non-governmental organization with headquarters in Los Angeles, has now praised the use of the German judiciary against Nazi criminals. In an annual report, which was published on International Holocaust remembrance day, is talk of “significant progress, especially in Germany”.

In Germany, there was for nearly a decade, a “dramatic change” in the prosecution of NS-criminals, says the report. Since the judgment against the concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk in 2011, the judiciary no longer exists on the often impossible to prove individual guilt. It’s the proof that a Person has served in a Nazi death camp or in the Einsatzgruppen enough.

SPIEGEL ONLINE Prosecutor for Nazi crimes: He’s looking for a hundred thousand times the killers

founded in 1977, The Wiesenthal center is a global search for people in hiding Nazi criminals and collaborators. Bad grades, countries such as Norway, Sweden, Austria, Lithuania and the Ukraine were.

Heiko Maas: “Our culture of remembrance crumbles”

recruited foreign Minister Heiko Maas for a new culture of remembrance: memory places should be places of learning, wrote of the SPD-politician in a guest post for the “world on Sunday”.

The time was moving closer to the witnesses by the Nazi injustice to stand, could reports. “Our memorial culture must adapt to that. (…) What we need now are new approaches to take advantage of historical experiences for the present. Our history must be a reminder to a knowledge of the project.”

“Who is born today, for example, the pogrom night time is just as far as at the time of my birth, a Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The changed the memory, creates more distance.”

Maas warned in the post with a view to the digitisation: “What was once geraunt at the pub, is now with one click, for all the world to the public.” Hate can spread faster and in agitation and in the worst case, violence. “We see, as in Europe, nationalism is propagated and enemy images are used in order to justify their own dull ideology. Right-wing populist provocateurs, to relativise the Holocaust in the Knowledge that such a taboo maximum attention given.”

The Minister warns crumbling: “Our culture of remembrance, it is under pressure from the extreme Right.” The more dangerous the ignorance was the young German, the have revealed to a CNN survey. “40 percent know little or nothing about the Holocaust. These are shocking Figures, and we must not accept passively. We must preserve the stories of the people who can from their own Experience of the Incredible reports.”


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