To the Person Orla Connolly Prof. Dr. Mirjam Zadoff in 2018, the Director of the NS-documentation center in Munich in may. Previously, the native of Innsbruckerin held the chair of Jewish studies at Indiana University in Bloomington (USA). For your research the historian and Jewish studies scholar has received numerous awards and prizes. Her most recent book publication is: “The red job. The life of Werner Scholem” (Hanser-Verlag).

accused As Charlotte Knobloch last week on the occasion of the International Holocaust memorial day of the AfD in the Landtag of Bavaria, to abandon its policy of “hatred and exclusion”, the bottom of the German democracy, a part of the AfD group, and left the house. Knobloch, who survived the Nazi era only thanks to the help of people who put their own lives at risk, was awarded for her speech in the Parliament a Standing ovation and on the net threats and insults. Memory has become the political battle for the future of Europe.

For historically minded people, Forgetting is not an Option. Historically, people have mostly – not always – a good memory, but, above all, history is not passed for you. Similarly, a room whose walls are plastered with screens, you can know moments of history and the present in parallel. The present is never only the present, the present is always past. Because history shapes us, our frame of reference and is responsible for our identity – also if we are not aware of it. “History is not the past, it is the present. We carry our history with us, we are our history”, wrote of the African-American writer and representative of the civil rights movement, James Baldwin: “history is not the past, history is present. We carry our history within us, we are our history.”

If we are to speak with young people in this country on national socialism, what are we doing? Scare them with the burden of memory? We will give you a Chance to emerge from their encounter with the story to emerge? We will teach you, what is the value of the freedom of democracy, and that there is no illiberal Form can be of the same type? That hatred against others is not courage, and the exclusion is no resistance, that empathy is not a weakness, and the breakdown of solidarity is a dangerous game.

As a “Memory-less” describes the German-French journalist Geraldine Black, all those who today claim to back the Forget to explain Nazism to the bird shit and the Holocaust memorial to the “monument of shame”. “The wipe out”, as Black writes want to mind, “what is the moral strength of Germany and what brings the whole world to this country: to have the reflection on the past, enduring values drawn, the trained at the citizens of a critical mind and a moral prudence, which are inextricably linked to the strength of German democracy.”

“The people of everyone who lives in this country,”

The much-touted German culture of remembrance is not an achievement on which we can rest, not a legacy we can give our children. Memory work, discourse, is policy and is today in many Parts of Europe – again – rebellion and resistance against the Agenda of the Memory in parliaments, memorials, theatres, museums and schools. This dream is still – or again – to Rob of the supremacy of the German people: a people whose sons have been arrested in the name of the “Aryan race”, and to murder. Sons, who would soon be nothing other than cannon fodder in a senseless war which would devastate the whole of Europe. Your future in the heroic death for the Fatherland had determined the ideologists of the party since 1933. Of those, the shooter today Postings under the title of “your race, it is the blood of your ancestors” in the network, such as the upper Austrian FPÖ, the ideological heir of those who were in a supposedly ingenious and, in reality, inhumane move your rosy, ashy-gray or beige skin color to your largest capital, by know you “” and themselves the “Aryan” called.

right-wing populists make a perfidious deal: you liberate collective and package of any responsibility, of the burden of the past, as well as of solidarity for the needy in their own country or at the borders of Europe. In Austria, the Chancellor demands for social services advanced knowledge of German and of the Minister of the interior, the European people represents the public’s rights Convention in question. In return for this “relief” to give more and more people in authoritarian States of Europe, their democratic voice of the elected representatives in a pre-addressed legislative immaturity back.

Against the Background of the national socialist mass murder of the French philosopher Albert Camus called for a solidarity revolt, a non-violent, civil resistance, of which the actors do not pretend to be a judge and executioner. In a modification of the famous Descartes statement “I, therefore I am” Camus “I revolt, wrote think, therefore WE are” – a “We” that excludes no one.

to fight back, doesn’t have to be heroic. Suffice it to say: I’m not dissatisfied, I don’t need a envy to my luck, no imaginary threat, not a sealed-off borders. How much responsibility lies today, in the words of solidarity, Togetherness – and even in the word people in the Definition of Angela Merkel: “The people is everyone who lives in this country.”

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