Some of Gray can not imagine a human being – and yet it can Express in words. For this purpose, the Holocaust, the mass murder of approximately six million Jews from Europe. None other than Heinrich Himmler, “Reichsführer SS” one of the main leaders, formulated the sentences for this crime against humanity.

“one Of you will know the most, what it means when 100 corpses together, when 500 are lying there or when 1000 are lying there”, he said at the 4. October 1943, and continued: “to have This, and – aside from exceptions of human weakness – decent remained to be, this has made us hard. This is a never written and never to write a page of glory in our history.“

Because these sets are available randomly as a sound document, could, and no one can deny that Himmler, with his shallow bureaucrats agree with easy Bavarian weft in fact, personally, this rates has said – not even the most ruthless Nazis and neo-Nazis.

The sentences were part of a three-hour speech, which was on the same level as propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and armaments Minister Albert Speer after Hitler the most powerful man of the third Reich in Wilhelmine castle in poznań. The listeners were the Brigade, group and senior group leader of the SS, i.e. the equivalent of the generals of the Wehrmacht – a total of 102 men.

Such Meetings with the programmatic speeches of the bad speaker Himmler, there were occasionally, however, such a density result as in the autumn of 1943 is not otherwise occupied: According to the speech to the SS top on 4. October was followed, two days later, in a speech before the Empire, and the Gaul of the NSDAP parents in poznań, then on the 14. October a speech in front of the command of the Wehrmacht in Bad SCHACHEN and finally, again, poses a performance in front of the SS and the party representatives on 24 partners. October 1943.

In all the Speeches Himmler took on the current war situation and the role of the SS in the third Reich position. As he spoke, however, and only keyword had-like notes before the Talk very clearly. In addition, it varied of course according to his audience.

On 4. In October, he began a tribute to the Fallen with a review of the first four years of the world war. Then he came to the prospects of the struggle on the Eastern front. He went on to speak about the “human potential of the Russians,” the partisan war (“gang war” called) and some other topics, before he came to the “psychology of the Slavs”.

It is a Tirade of racial prejudice that followed: “The Russian” is “stinking lazy”, an “unrestrained beast”, the “torturing other people, and torment, as it is capable of a hell not to think”. The Slav tilt “to the most perverse things”, to “Eat of his comrades”. Therefore, each SS-man should be “honest, decent, loyal and comradely” only to “members of our own blood and to nobody else”. How to do it the Russians, be to him, so Himmler, “totally indifferent”.

Then Himmler commented on various aspects of the war and its impact on the home – passages that were partly similar in the other three October-Talk.

About the mass murder quite openly, he spoke only in front of his black uniformed subordinates. Because he knew that many of them had been right on killing actions involved, all of them, however indirectly. Higher SS killed people, mostly non-self, and not also oversaw the Gassing of hundreds of people in the death factories of the “action Reinhardt”, or in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

But most of those present either as a so-called SS – and police leader (often abbreviated as SSPF) or in the Central administrative apparatus of the SS. Here was clearly talking to the text, there was no: more.

And so began Himmler, as he said, “to talk quite a heavy subject”: “Among us it is to be openly, and still we talk in Public, never.” He compared this with the 30. In June 1934, the killing of large Parts of the SA leadership: “I think now the Jewish evacuation, the extermination of the Jewish people. It is one of the things you say easy. The Jewish people will be exterminated‘, says every party comrade, that’s quite clear, in our program, elimination of the Jews, extermination, will do.‘“ But as easy as it was, and then the infamous place of the 100, 500 and 1000 corpses followed.

Himmler’s speech was a version of the text, written down by an SS man of his staff, to the documents of the prosecution at the Nuremberg war crimes process. The comparison with the Tonmitschnitt, the reached, regardless of the version of the text in the National Archives in the United States, showed that there were almost no deviations. Even if only two minutes of this speech were, specifically, the murder of Jews, you can’t overestimate the importance of this testimony.

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