brand sweater, a scarf, a perfectly fitting hairstyle: Germany coach Joachim Löw is well known for his sense of style. Last Saturday, he ventured something New: While home for the 4:2 hope-victory in Freiburg was the national coach, his scarf half around the neck, on the ears, almost like a head scarf. At least the field of view was free. So Löw was able to register, as well home, hope has Kerem Demirbay played.

In the 72. Minute, the 25-Year-old took a failed Pass with the hoe, used immediately by his team-mate Andrej Kramaric, goal. A quarter of an hour later, he POPs in from 25 metres the Ball towards the goal, he jumps from the Unterkatte the crossbar behind the line.

German coach Joachim Löw

Demirbay Against towered over his – and other players – again. Already in 2017, he made his debut in the national team, was since then, but something out of löw’s field of view. This season he has blossomed into a candidate for the DFB-Eleven, also because he walks in the footsteps of Mesut Özil and Toni Kroos.

Demirbay is Özil from Gelsenkirchen, completed his training to be a professional football player at Borussia Dortmund. The breakthrough, he wanted to create at Hamburger SV. However, his time there was a big misunderstanding. The changing HSV-Trainer complained either his lack of physicality ( Mirko Slomka), or his lack of will to fight ( Bruno Labbadia). The HSV gave Demirbay in the Second League, first of all, to Kaiserslautern, then to Düsseldorf.

in 2016, the separation followed. Demirbay went to Hoffenheim, HSV sports Director Dietmar Beier villages gave him for just two million euros. According to “Hamburger Morgenpost” he went on in the Bundesliga-of-control clause, according to Hoffenheim in the case of an international assignment, had to make a million-Payment of arrears. In Hamburg you do not believed to see Demirbay each in national dress.

In the new environment flourished Demirbay, like so many former HSV-player in front of him. This was due not least to his coach Julian nail man. Hoffenheim Coach ordered Demirbay of the ten to the Eighth Position. There he received more Touches, it was more of his team involved in the game. From then on, he was able to bring his skills to better advantage.

Demirbay is one of those Midfielders that Germany’s youth academies have brought in the past few years, abound. He operates on the highest technical level, can dribble and the Ball claim. At the same time, Demirbay has accuracy in the passing game as well as Overview. Demirbay is similar in this respect, Gladbach’s Jonas Hofmann or Bremen Maximilian Eggestein: not the classic ones, but also not a pure ball distributor from deep.

What is the SPIX? MIRROR ONLINE has developed an Instrument to evaluate the performance of footballers beyond personal impressions: the SPIX. It is based solely on game data. In the calculation of the individual performance as well as that of his team. The special feature: The SPIX’s not recognized in the data, he evaluated their relevance and quality. Details of the model can be found here:New game notes at SPIEGEL ONLINE: the Measurement of The Bundesliga

All of these types of clubs in your game, the Strengths of Mesut Özil and Toni Kroos (even if individually weaker level). You can direct the game from the Central midfield, the pace, accurate passes play, it’s almost like Kroos. However, also in the vicinity of the door, keep pressure on the Overview, chances as Özil.

Demirbay stands out from these competitors by its strong feet. Even if he can, with the right edges and finish: preferably, he uses the left foot. This is in modern football is still rare, especially on his Position in Central midfield.

nail man uses this to make him half right Aft to the inside. Demirbay enters often in similar situations as Arjen Robben: As a left-footed, he can start in the right space for a shot or killer Pass play. Demirbay prepares per game, on average, more than three shots of his team-mates, almost as often Demirbay self-closes. No League player is involved in so many degrees per game.

This strength of the SPIX highlights: Demirbay has both in the area of chance creation as well as the scoring chances. He plays on the Position in offensive midfield, his values even slightly higher than in the defensive midfield. No wonder: Here he can bring in his train to the gate, even better. According to SPIX-values Demirbay is currently even the best attacking midfielder in the League, before Marco Reus and Leon Goretzka.

national coach Joachim Löw will not need these values to be Demirbay attention. He has finally seen the spot, what the midfielder is capable of.

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