The ice in Germany is to cold for homeless people to the deadly threat: Already ten of them have died this Winter according to research by the German Federal Association for the assistance to the homeless on the street. A suspect come the case, said the managing Director Werena Rosenke. The homeless froze to death in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Düsseldorf.

As of the Federal government, the länder and local authorities, no official statistics are cold, dead, would, be, the Definition is not always easy, said Rosenke. The Association relies in its nationwide count on media reports. “It’s about people who have died on the road due to the action of the cold,” she explained. “Heart failure may be associated with hypothermia.” Often, autopsy reports were not public or are no studies to causes of death causes.

The Association of cold deaths in Germany since the beginning of the nineties. 314 cases were documented since then, said Rosenke. 38 other people, the suspicion that under cooling with cause of death belonged. Earlier, 20 to 30 cases have become per year. “It has brought something that many large cities now cold buses, or cold patrols,” said Rosenke. Refrigeration phones, citizens can call for help if you see homeless people outside at night, be a help.

emergency hostels go

In Berlin, the number of homeless is estimated at several Thousand, many of them come from Eastern Europe. This Winter there are around 1200 sleeping-places. The number had been increased compared to previous years, once again, the cold, the help was launched for the first time in October and extends to April. In addition, two U remain open stations at night. Cooling buses to freezing homeless people in neighborhoods. Homeless Camps in the Berlin district is the middle of sometimes spaces.

That homeless people, despite frosty nights, none of the available emergency hostels visited, have sometimes also has something to do with restrictions in the inlet. Who is under the influence of alcohol, with a dog, or major mental health problems in front of the door, should not, in any institution, into the Warm.

organ failure due to hypothermia

Many of Berlin’s auxiliary facilities such as the city mission to go generous with the inlet and in bitter cold are no people. However, the potential for Violence had increased among the people of the street. Who threatened other guests or staff, and sometimes can not stay and must find a new headquarters.

The biggest challenge for German municipalities, the Association in dealing with homeless EU-citizens. The number of dead-end people who were not cheated out rarely at work in Germany to their reward, and then end up on the street waxes.

“Because the cities have to answer. And not just in the Winter,” said Rosenke. “These people have rights, and their claims on the social security system must be checked individually.” Migration within the EU will tend to increase the Poverty gap between States closing in the medium term, but rather greater will.

can cold for human life to be dangerous because the body can’t cool down and major internal organs to fail. In the case of less than 20 degrees body temperature, the lethal threshold according to the information of Doctors is usually considered to be exceeded. Mostly it then comes to heart failure. But even at less than 26 degrees, the body temperature of a person is often no longer responsive. Normal to the 37 degrees.

How much a single man cold is able to withstand depends on many factors. Only temperature, Wind, humidity, and clothing does not play a role, but also in physique and muscle work.

That alcohol against the cold will help, is a mistake: It accelerates the cooling. Heavily drunk people don’t notice the danger to life also often. You will feel warm, although their internal organs are on the brink of collapse.

cpa/Ulrike von Leszczynski, dpa