Shown above is a poster promoting the summer season discount event of Homeplus. Photo courtesy of Homeplus

Discount rate will reach up to 50% for three weeks

South Korea’s first-tier discount chain Homeplus announced on July 28 that the outfit had launched an extraordinary summer blowout both online and offline through Aug. 16.

The Seoul-based outfit noted that shoppers would be able to snap up various items at affordable prices at Homeplus stores throughout the country during the event, dubbed “HomepleRun.”

Homeplus said that the bargain sale extravaganza would be unprecedented as the discount rate would be up to 50 percent at its offline outlets and online website.

During the first week between July 27 and Aug. 2, the price of hanwoo, or Korean beef, and other meats would go down substantially, as much as 50 percent.

Furthermore, Homeplus vowed to come up with attractive price tags for farm products, processed foods, beer, spirits, and industrial goods.

For example, a bottle of the Macallan Double Cast 12-year-old single malt scotch would be available at 119,900 won ($93.85)

Those who pay with credit cards endorsed by Homeplus will be able to receive additional benefits, according to the corporation.

In time with the 26th anniversary, Homeplus carried out similar events in March to attract more than 12 million visitors to its stores over two weeks.

“Our customers show more and more interest in our discount events,” Homeplus Vice President Jo Do-yeon said.

“Things were not good of late due to the inflationary pressure and the prolonged monsoon season. But I think that our events will be of help to people during the summer holiday season.”

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