The sting of a hornet is less dangerous than a bee sting cooling is the best remedy for a HornissenstichBei Allergy, or a sting in the mouth and throat space immediately to the doctor hornets have a bad reputation – to the stitches wrong

Hornets are classified commonly referred to as more dangerous than bee or wasp stings. That’s not true. The sting of a hornet is more painful, but less toxic than a bee or wasp.

bee venom is 4 to 15 times stronger than that of the hornet. A hornet is a stitch still painful, is due to the significantly thicker and longer sting of the hornet. On the other, is included in the wasp venom of acetylcholine. This Neurotransmitter causes severe pain.

hornets sting only if they feel threatened. Dangerous to a Hornet’s sting is only for people with a insect venom Allergy, or if the stitch occurs at an unfavorable site, such as, for example, in the throat.

First aid for Hornet’s sting: Clean and Cool

A hornet’s engraving evokes first of all a lot of pain. The carved body swells greatly, itches and reddens. This is very unpleasant, but not dangerous.

A barbed look, if you have been stung by a hornet. The animals do not lose their sting, unlike bees in the lurch.Far the Think to have to an insect bite suck. Let the better – it brings nothing. On the contrary, By Sucking, they exert pressure on the surrounding tissue. This allows you to distribute the poison.For the same reason, you should not press on the puncture site around or scratch even if it itches. That only makes it worse, in addition, germs can enter the wound.You have disinfectant on Hand to clean the affected area.In the case of a hornet’s stitch-cooling is the method of choice. To relieve the pain of cold. On the other, an immediate cooling of the injection prevents a further swelling of the tissue.Ideal for Cooling a Kühlpad. You, however, always place a towel between the skin and the Pad, otherwise frostbite can occur. You have no Kühlpad in Hand, meet envelopes with vinegar or alcohol for the same purpose.

More you can do with a Hornet’s sting: The injection site is kept clean and cool. Then it’s time to wait and hold out until the body has removed the poison. A couple of days and can take.

Hornet’s sting: In these cases immediately to the doctor

So harmless a hornet’s trick, actually, is so dangerous he can be for insect venom Allergy. You are aware of your Allergy, in case of a trick a doctor immediately.

they Had, so far, no allergic reaction, you’ll recognize these sudden cramps, shortness of breath, circulation problems, and heart palpitations. You will notice any of these symptoms after a Wasp sting, you should call an ambulance.

This is also true in the case of a stitch in the mouth and throat. In this case, the swelling can impede breathing greatly or make it impossible. Therefore, in the case of a insect bite in this area, always Call the ambulance. Do not expose yourself to tax, to the family doctor.

A stitch in the mouth is unpleasant and if left untreated, is very dangerous. There are, however, fast and sure-acting medication, the swelling rapidly subsides. Fear does not need to have you so if you call quickly the ambulance.

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