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It resembled a bit of a piece from the great house, After the Bild am Sonntag had reported on the weekend about a catalogue of measures, with the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) deportations wool ease, was denied by the Ministry, first, that there is such a paper at all. A little later, you had prudent a Better.

the paper – including in the press of the measures referred to, including a night-time reporting obligation for asylum applicants, a chip system for the post office to pick up or the so-called No-Name-deals in Immigration aircraft, the Ministry announced. However, the proposals do not relate to deportations in General, as the newspaper report suggested. It is, rather, measures that will help to make Dublin more efficient. It is, therefore, in a first step, anyway – only to those asylum seekers, not Germany, but a different EU country, and Germany should leave so as quickly as possible.

a spokesman for the Ministry TIME confirmed A list was sent in last week by the Federal Ministry of the interior of the country, ONLINE. The charge of the lower Saxony interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD), the country had not been informed about the proposals, not to meet. The paper may not have reached but still, the management level of the ministries.

the paper was the Federal Ministry of the interior an order from the decision of the coalition Committee of 5. July, fulfilled, informed the Federal Ministry of the interior. In this it should be gone about in a timely manner acceleration opportunities for Dublin procedures.

a Lot will depend on the countries

While some of the proposals discussed in the Federal jurisdiction, others are falling in the remit of the Länder. What will come of it, also depends upon you. It was at the beginning of a process of Discussion, it is from the Federal Ministry of the interior. If the paper is already discussed in the coming week, Federal interior Minister’s conference, is, therefore, still open. Actually, it is still too early. First of all the countries, work would need to take the level of the position to the proposals.

To the topics for which the Länder are responsible, for example, the night-time reporting obligation for asylum applicants. This is to prevent asylum-seekers descend in the night to avoid their deportation. The asylum seeker is in breach of the reporting obligation, should he be able to put in detention. Responsible for the relevant foreigners authority can, on the basis of §46 paragraph 1 of the residence act for measures to support the departure. This also includes “the availability of the foreigner,” reads a press release of the Ministry. In Hesse and lower Saxony this is handled already.

an electronic chip-card system that registers, when an asylum seeker enters his property and whether he has received Post, there are already in Dresden in an anchor-institution, so one of the Initial reception centres, where asylum seekers Ministry should go through after the presentation of the Federal Ministry of the interior in the future your entire process. The Federal Ministry of the interior also holds for a model to be imitated, since “is a submersion of the applicant quickly found” could be.

More Doctors in the accommodations

The Federal Ministry of the interior also proposes that medical personnel in the community accommodation, to engage, to the at the time of registration of the necessary health to perform studies faster and to be able to the medical care of persons accommodated. However, the ability to travel from rejected asylum seekers could be established faster, which in turn would speed up their deportation.

In addition, should be centralized according to the will of the Federal Ministry of the interior, the immigration authorities in each Federal state. This specialist will expertise, the number of the contact person for the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) is reduced and the control of the removals simplified, the Ministry said.

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