men can do harder to pull off at home than women: at The age of 23 years, half (48.4 percent) of the sons lives there with their parents.

daughters have already left the age of 22 in more than half of the cases, the parents house. With 23 years, only 36% of them live from your home. The Federal Statistical office reported, citing the microcensus 2017 (pdf).

at The age of 25 years, more than a third (34 percent) of men at home is still alive, are in their early thirties, it is something more than each of the Ninth, with the beginning of Forty, only four per cent.

In the case of women, only 21 percent live with 25 years in the parents ‘ house, with 30 it is only every 17.

Numbers in men decline

However, something is moving, the men – autonomy: since the mid-nineties, the share of 25-Year-old, still living in parents house, while the remained of the young women about the same.

you only have to Look to students, the Trend is, however, the other way around. According to a study by the centre for higher education development (CHE), you’ll be more and more students with their parents. This could be related with the high Rent in the popular Unistädten, as well as the falling average age of the students.

differences in other areas of life

statisticians have identified other differences in the life situation of men and women.

relationship status

With the end of the Twenty 43 percent of men live alone, then the proportion of single decreases continuously. From the age of 40, he is at an average of 25 percent. In old age the living Alone rate is rising sharply again: Every second man of 90 years, is standing alone.

The Numbers for women are similar, however, bind you enjoyed earlier than their male age. From the age of the beginning of 60 women, on the other hand significantly more likely to be without a partnership in his own household than men.

Possible reasons for this are, according to the Federal statistical office, that men in mixed-sex relationships are usually older than the female partner, on the other, men tend to die earlier than women.


In Germany, there are 9.4 million fathers living with their children under one roof. Four percent of them are single mothers. In the case of mothers, the single parent rate is much higher, at 20 percent.


82 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 65 years of age. In the case of women, in contrast, is only about 72 percent.

Whether you work part-time, depends on whether you live with children, but it is for fathers just the opposite as in the case of mothers. Men work less often in part-time, if you have responsibility for children.

In the case of fathers, the part-time rate is at six percent, for men without children, and it accounts for twelve per cent. In contrast, two-thirds of mothers work part-time. To women without children, the to hits to one third.


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