Theresa May is trying to win in the dispute about the Brexit agreement with the EU time. The for Tuesday’s planned vote in the house of Commons about the agreement with the EU will be postponed. The British Prime Minister announced in the Parliament, thus confirming media reports. It aims now to re-negotiations with Brussels.

It was considered almost hopeless, that the deputies in the lower house to agree to the Deal. Around 100 of the 315 members from Mays conservative party had not been announced to support the present Brexit agreement. When the voting is taking place now, is not yet known.

the reason for the move is the apparent resistance in the Parliament against the so-called Backstop in the Brexit-the agreement, said May. This provision is intended to prevent between the British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland after the Brexit again, border controls will be introduced.

May want to discuss prior to the EU summit at the end of the week with their counterparts from the EU and the tips of the EU Commission and the European Council, the “clear concerns” of Parliament. The EU-Commission follow-up negotiations but rejects as categorically. “This Deal is the best Deal and the only possible Deal,” said a Commission spokeswoman in Brussels. “We will not act, the agreement, which is now on the table, post.” The EU Commission assume that the UK, the EU, as announced on 29. March will leave.

in addition to renegotiations with Brussels, some critics of Mays Brexit-agreement in the Parliament calling for a second Brexit Referendum. At the first Referendum in 2016 was voted in by only a small majority of the British people for the detachment of the European Union. However, it is unclear what questions might be submitted to the British then.

backed out from Brexit is at least theoretically possible. The threshold for this is lower than expected, such as from a decision of the European court of justice in Luxembourg. The UK could stop, therefore, the Brexit unilaterally and without the consent of other EU countries.


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