no one wants to go broke, that’s why you have to have a bit of respect for the decision of the “” to keep your page through Wutklicks of feminists, but that’s where it ends. “Where is the good house wife?”, Ex-FAS economic division, head of Rainer Hank in there asked a few days ago.

No display, but a kind of obituary to the past. “Once it was a virtue to be a good housewife”, it said. “But the feminists have eradicated from the consciousness.” Mr Hank is born in the early fifties and is in mourning now, publicly, that he was not allowed to stay there. We accompany him on his difficult path.

The Housewives who had to wash the diapers by Mr Hank and his cohort, we may think of ourselves as happy people. Mr Hank knows, of course, the former legal situation, where it was called, among other things: “The woman who does the budget in its own responsibility.”

to Whom it sounds like a dreary existence, where the award-winning Journalist to help a bit: “don’t for a Moment free from the emancipation narrative, the sentence, which is really suppression, but for Power and strength.” He had himself, so Hank tells given, as the student occupation of the mother with the “house woman”, “without any shame”. Because: “I have my mother as a proud woman in memory.”

Without any shame, he remembered, then, that the Fifties and sixties had been received as a “Golden age of the family” in the story: “many marriages, many children, a few divorces, a few Single parents. The roles were defined. You don’t have to necessarily stuffy.” No, it’s not. You can find it but with good reasons, completely insane, how can someone hide, which meant the former distribution of roles, the Hank with the “Power and strength” for women associates, in everyday life – and why divorce or a single parent for the majority of women were simply not options because synonymous with the decision to live in poverty.

shut up and play

women were allowed to in the Federal Republic until 1962, without the permission of her husband, not a private account. Until 1969, were business, not wives are capable of. Until 1972 there was no statutory old-age insurance for non-working. And until 1977, husbands no longer had the right to their women from earning the money to hold, if you had the feeling that the woman neglected the household. Golden times it were, to the extent that the company was the commonly accepted solution for women who endured all of this “women’s gold”, that is to say: alcohol. The Golden virtue for women: shut up and play the game.

You don’t have to stay so long with Mr Hanks romanticizing this misery, because Twitter-user “Persephone” wrote already a worthy criticism, as you wrote: “there is A whole Text, not to justify why he is able to wash only his underwear. Do your budget yourself, you leek.”

Well, Mr. Hank is not only sad, that no one more with Pride his socks together – and of course he is allowed to be any housewife, it would be a single Win-Win Situation – but it puts at the same time feminists, to have a false Narrative: “today’s dominant narrative, such as one finds on the shelf a meter long in the libraries of the gender research, reads: a Long time, women were suppressed by their men.” Now, it is not, of course, quite wrong to speak of a long period of oppression, if rape was in the marriage until 1997, no offense.

Mr Hank honors that he has read so many meters of shelf space of gender research, even if obviously some of the classics were always just on loan, when he came to read. Otherwise, Simone de Beauvoir would have noticed “The opposite sex” in the over 800 pages explores the extent to which women in a non-equal society, about themselves, a subject and objects, where injustice is happening. “Half victim, half accomplice, like all of us”, as the quote from Sartre is Beauvoir, the second volume of your work.

Beauvoir describes page long, how tiring and auszehrend the role of the housewife was to your time: “your hands are diligent, only your spirit has nothing to do.” These are not the activities in the budget itself, which would be especially bad, but the definition of them: “made to [the housewife] may be, she is subordinate, secondary, parasitic. The heavy curse that weighs on you, is that the meaning of their own existence is in your hands.”

Where is the proud Hausmann?

In the past few days, it was under the Hashtags #honest parents, and #honest parents on Twitter, many tales, often of mothers. Some gifts only to their children often watch television, if they had no nerve to deal with you, others stated how lonely and exhausting it can be to be for children and household chores. “As a mother of two small children, I’m mostly nervous about – and intellectually under-challenged,” wrote a woman, 69 years after Beauvoir.

It was not to devalue has always been part of feminist theories, the reproductive activities and Care work is still primarily women, as a boring snot, but to demand, on the contrary, for this basic component of every society is a reasonable recognition.

The “time” wrote the other day about how dangerous it is supposedly for love, when women earn more than their partners. “When mom earns the money”, was the name of the Text, as if it were a Curiosity. You would also be able to ask: Where is the proud Hausmann?

We still live in a world in which “time”to tweet a Journalist Moritz von Uslar is not ashamed: “Me men have laced your Baby to your breast, so insanely aggressive.” And in a world in which the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” a woman running Ultramarathon and on the way your Baby was nursing, with questions penetrated, if you can’t wean simply would have, if your “self-realization comes at the cost of the family” or whether she wanted to possibly put other women under pressure. “But what is so wrong to focus just on his parents’ role?”, you will be asked the Athlete, and she answers: “If I hadn’t Run as a compensation, I would be a much worse mother.”

The grieving of the “FAZ”-Journalist Rainer Hank locates the victory of feminism in the eighties, when feminists supposedly were, “your Sex to get rid out of your debt in debt suffering”. Unfortunately, a miscalculation. We are far, far from finished.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.