Who is building in Germany, an apartment, always deep in the pocket. In 2007, builders paid about 1250 euros per square meter, without the land – ten years later there were about 36 percent more, around 1700 euros per square meter. The price increase has many reasons: the Material is getting more and more expensive, wages for skilled workers rise. But above all, the requirements for new dwellings: the rise of European, international and German requirements drive up the prices.

Currently, there are around 3300 standards, the need to consider builders in Germany, editions of the national building regulations and the local authorities. In recent years, new standards are always managed, for example to achieve the climate protection targets of the Federal government to improve fire protection or to insulate new houses and apartments against the noise. The more drives, the cost of construction. About the authors

Pekka Sagner Economist for housing policy and real estate Economics at the Institute of the German economy. Michael Voigtländer head of the field of expertise in financial markets and real estate markets.

New requirements to save energy, increased building up 19 percent

According to calculations by the working group for Contemporary Building e. V. (ARGE e. V.) alone have led to the energetic requirements of the different stages of the energy saving regulation (EnEV 2002/2009/2014 from 2016 onwards) and the Renewable energies heat act (EEWärmeG 2009), between 2000 and 2017 to an increase in the construction costs for residential buildings by 19 per cent (see ARGE, 2015, and updated data for the years 2016-2017). For the construction of a rented apartment with an average square meter price of 1240 Euro in 2000 and a size of 100 square meters, this corresponds to an absolute increase in the price of just 24,000 euros.

in addition to the pure price increase due to the increased complexity of the design, the time-closely following innovations, which companies can benefit from economies of scale. Learning effects and economies of scale, which in General lead to cost savings, thereby in the housing, to a large extent.

The price is significantly lower

is the rise in the Netherlands, That there is another way, to prove to the Netherlands for years. In the case of our neighbours to the construction of apartments in recent years, it has become even more expensive, but not so expensive as in Germany. In the Netherlands, the construction costs for new apartments have increased in the past ten years, only around six percent.

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