The baukinder money should stimulate new construction, but in the first months of the coveted performance attracts mainly families who buy an existing house or apartment. For new construction projects is significantly less applications are received, such as from the response of the Federal government to a written request of the Left-the Deputy Caren Lay.

Thus was made up at the end of November, only about every eighth application for a new construction project, 87.7% of the applications were for the acquisition of existing properties.

“The baukinder money is clearly failing to meet its purpose”, said Lay. Instead of the construction of new homes and boost, subsidizing the purchase of existing homes. Will promote especially, the middle class in the country. For relaxation to the urban housing market for low income earners it is not to worry about it. Critics complain for some time that the premium encourages especially high-income earners.

most of The requests have come from North Rhine-Westphalia

The baukinder money to help families in times of rising construction and real – estate prices in the acquisition of the property. For the construction of a house or buying a property, a state grant in the amount of 1200 Euro is budgeted per child per year, paid over a period of ten years, i.e. 12,000 euros per child.

The promotion is sought: Until the end of the year already 56.435 applications from families have been approved. Most of them came from the populous area countries, North Rhine-Westphalia (12 606), Baden-Württemberg (7562), lower Saxony (7099), and Bavaria (6941). From the city-States of Berlin (861), Hamburg (589) Bremen (492), however, only few applications were received. Here are but a relief in the housing market is urgently needed, said Lay.

Residential campaign of the Grand coalition As the new baukinder money

Responsible for the high application numbers to the Start especially the fact that the grant could be applied for at the beginning of retroactively – is moving from all parents or alone, the since 1. January 2018 to get a building permit issued or a contract of sale signed. The baukinder money runs over three years.

the baukinder money is Granted to families and Single parents up to a limit of 90,000 euros of taxable household income in the year in a child. In the case of larger families, the limit per child is allowed to be 15,000 euros higher. You have to live with the children in the house or the apartment itself, and it can only be issued once. Controversial the baukinder money is also because of its high cost. Per year there is a funding volume of around three billion euros.

The industrialized countries organization OECD had criticized that the baukinder money to poorer households, even a pity, because it could push real estate prices further.


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