New employees of LS Group take part in a yoga class during an event aimed at encouraging them. Photo courtesy of LS Group

LS sets example in personnel management

Late last year, an LS Group affiliate invited its new employees to an event in Kangwon Province to celebrate their entrance into the business conglomerate with more than 100 units across the world.

During the two-day events, the participants could relax while becoming acquainted with their new colleagues. Their families also got presents and letters from the company.

LS said August 24 that the event amply demonstrates how the Seoul-based group cares its employees under the philosophy of putting people first.

We have come up with various ways to better serve our employees from their hiring procedures to benefits after recruitment,” an LS official said.

We are also operating various educational sessions to nurture next-generation leaders by enabling them to study the management of business administration or get masters’ degrees.”

In addition, the official said that it is also hosting various camps for its employees and their family members to get very positive feedback.

We will continue to pay great attention to the so-called work-life balance of our workers,” the official said.

LS Group is composed of such subsidiaries as LS Cable & System, and LS Industrial Systems, LS-Nikko Cooper, and LS Mtron. LS Crop is its holding company.

LS Group is one of the country’s 20 largest conglomerates in terms of assets as of this year, according to the Fair Trade Commission.

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