Samsung's IGNIS thermal imaging camera/Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Tech giant comes up with innovative camera

A Korean firefighter named Han Geyong-seung found that conventional thermal observation devices were too heavy and expensive to be provided to each firefighter.

Hence, Han devised a thermal imaging camera based on his experiences to submit the idea to various events in the mid-2010s.

Then, Samsung butted in as the country’s biggest company offered a team of support from its C-Lab engineers to Han. Short of creative lab, C-Lab refers to Samsung’s idea generation and entrepreneurship program.

They worked together to realize Han’s goal of making a compact and easy-to-use thermal imaging camera, which can withstand extreme conditions that firefighters encounter.

They eventually came up with cost-effective IGNIS thermal imaging cameras and Samsung has provided 1,000 cameras to firefighting units here. Now, they are put into practice.

The cameras can detect ignition points, locate victims, identify terrain, determine time and indicate paths to be avoided, helping firefighters to both rescue those in danger and keep themselves safe during a rescue operation,” a Samsung official said.

The 350-gram devices were designed for high resistance to water, dust and heat, with outstanding durability in a compact, wearable size.”

C-Lab projects also include many cutting-edge technologies as amply demonstrated by the fact that eight start-ups spun off from C-Lab released new commercial products at CES early this year, the official said. They were mostly related to artificial intelligence.

Donation in Vietnam

The joint efforts between Han and C-Lab will also benefit firefighters in other countries.

Samsung said on April 26 that the Seoul-based company donated 300 IGNIS thermal imaging cameras to Vietnam’s firefighters. They will be provided to 11 Vietnamese provinces.

Fire prevention and rescue activities are pivotal in every nation for saving lives and assets of citizens,” said Choi Joo-ho, chief of Samsung Electronics’ manufacturing complex in Vietnam.

We are pleased to know that local firefighters will be equipped with our cameras, which will help them fulfill their duties and protect public safety.”