Former members of the management Board of HSH Nordbank in order to Ex-chief Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher come before the courts again. 16. August at you to answer in a criminal trial, once again, for your Actions in the case of the former Landesbank of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

you are again accused of infidelity, and in two cases, falsification of accounts, as a spokesman of the Hamburg regional court said on Tuesday. To 7. August 2020 to be recognized in the 42 days of trial and after negotiations. The “Hamburger Abendblatt” had reported about it.

The Federal court in Leipzig overturned 2016, the Hamburg-based judgment from the year 2014, in the Executive ranks to your boss Nonnenmacher first acquitted had been. The judgment has not been sufficiently examined the question of whether the Directors had complied with their duties to a satisfactory level, and the risks would be weighed, it said.

The prosecution was in their appeals against the acquittals successfully. They had demanded for the defendants suspended sentences and monetary conditions. Now, the Hamburg regional court has to roll up the procedure from scratch. Alone, the writ is 600 pages long.

The first trial against the six former members of the management Board had nationwide caused a stir, because for the first time, an entire Bank Board of Directors standing in front of the court. This was true in 2007, a package with risky credit default transactions (“Omega 55”).

Thus, the equity should be improved ratio and the balance sheet will be better represented, as she was, in fact. But the business brought a three-digit million in damage. The Hamburg judges had based its acquittal once so that the wrong decisions of the defendants would not have exceeded the “grey zone in the direction of criminal liability”


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