Croatia’s police pushes to the presentation of the human rights of migrants from learning in an illegal way, over the green border into the neighboring country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The civil observer organization Border Violence Monitoring (BVM) published on Sunday a Dossier with secretly recorded Videos to show how migrants by armed Croatian police officers to a spot in a forest on the border to Bosnia. There, the officers ask you to follow a forest path that leads to the neighboring country.

On 132 films, more than 50 alleged group deportations. Affected 350 refugees, among them women and children. The Videos 29. September and 10. October of this year in the area between the Border towns Uzljebic (Croatia) and Lohovo (Bosnia).

the Croatian government: police acts according to the Schengen borders code

human rights organizations criticize that the EU country, Croatia, migrants, sliding across the green border to Bosnia. In the process, denying them the right to apply for asylum. The reports are based, as a rule, statements of the deportations Affected. The organization of the BVM presented for the first Time, the Videos could serve as evidence for this practice.

The Croatian interior Ministry denies allegations of illegal back-payments push. The Croatian police acting in accordance with the Schengen borders code, if you are foreigners who are not entitled to entry into the EU, directly at the border, the statement said the interior Ministry by Sunday.

Since the closing of the Balkan route, which runs from Greece through Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary to Central Europe, has established an alternative Route via Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.


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