The Secretary-General of Amnesty International in Germany, Markus Beeko, is afraid of a drastic deterioration in the human rights situation in Brazil, if the new President of Jair Bolsonaro on 1. January takes office. “All signs point to a tightening,” said Beeko, the AFP news Agency.

The future President had expressed in the past, repeatedly racist and homophobic. “It is to be expected, both with violence as well as with an intensification of societal defamation, criminalisation and stigmatisation,” said Beeko. In particular, minorities were affected.

“Big signs of trouble”

Organised crime and paramilitary groups acting in Brazil during the last years, “in a climate of impunity,” said Beeko. “It is expected that this will increase.” Amnesty staff in Brazil and the local civil society, there were “great signs of anxiety”.

As a growing number of attacks on humans had already been in the 2018 rights activists in Brazil was recorded, defendant to the German Amnesty boss. He referred about the killing of a city Councilor of Rio de Janeiro, Marielle Franco. She had used against police violence and was shot and killed in March, along with her driver in the car.

Bolsonaro in quotes Jair Bolsonaro has always taken care of again with default against minorities, extremist slogans and expressions of support for the military dictatorship caused a stir. Some of the most controversial quotes of the new Brazilian President at a Glance.

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Against this Background, all States were called upon to support the civil society in Brazil during the coming months, said Beeko. So foreign countries should send to possible arbitrary arrests, trial observers to Brazil and to the observance of human rights rap. “The will to protect civil society, perhaps only limited, but these are important signals.”

in Addition, it is important that the international community draw attention to possible violations Bolsonaros in the UN human rights Council and other bodies. Also in talks on the economic cooperation, human rights should be the topic. So a “possible development to the extreme situation could be prevented”.

The ultra-right Jair Bolsonaro had won in the October presidential election. Opponents of the long-standing members denounce his racist, women – and homophobic Statements and his blatant praise for the military dictatorship of 1964 to 1985. Bolsonaros followers see in him a kind of Savior of the Fatherland.


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