32 years ago, kidnapped a woman from Argentina has been found in Bolivia. The 45-Year-old had become as a 13-Year-old victim of human trafficking,said the Argentine police on Tuesday. Was found now, in the course of joint investigations between Argentina and Bolivia.

In the past few months, a special unit of the Bolivian police have gathered at the request of the Argentine authorities, evidence that the woman was in the South-African Bermejo, it said. The Bolivian police finally, and freed the woman and their nine-year-old son.

Together with her son, the woman was then brought back to her family in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata. For more Details about the kidnapping case, the police are not informed.

The police had the two freed

According to the Argentine news site lanacion.com were freed the woman and her son last Saturday from a Garage in which they were imprisoned to provide forced labor.

it is the name of the news site claimed that the 45-Year-old together with her older sister, to then have a young Baby had, in 1987, was lured from a Bolivian in his country with the prospect of a Job. The sister should have made it, a few months later to return to Argentina. Her younger sister will be forced into Prostitution.


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