as a Protest against the adoption of a controversial labour law in Hungary have delivered to the protesters in Budapest in violent clashes with the police. 2000 to 3000 protesters gathered on Friday evening in front of the Parliament, journalists observed. Some of the participants in bottles, and smoke bombs throwing at the police, who reacted in turn with tear gas against the protesters.

The demonstrators were already the third evening in a row on the road and chanted also slogans against the head of government Viktor Orbán as “Orbán, get out!”. It is the most violent protests for more than ten years. According to police, more than 50 people were arrested and at least 14 police officers injured.

Opposition speaks of the “right to slavery”

The protests were informally organized via social networks. But also representatives of left-wing and right-wing Opposition called on to participate. The two political camps had closed on Wednesday in the Parliament and is trying to avoid a new labour law the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

a policeman during demonstrations in Budapest

The controversial law to enable employers to their employees of up to 400 Overtime hours per year of demand, which are to be paid over a period of three years. Orbán referred to it as a way for workers, their salaries increase, while at the same time, workers in the automotive industry needs will satisfied. The Opposition speaks of a “right to slavery”.

The protests are directed against a also on Wednesday the Parliament passed the law for the new “administrative courts”. This should be supervised by justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi, a close ally to the heads of government. But critics warn that excessive political influence on the judicial system.


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