Mamamoo member Hwasa/Courtesy of RBW

Mamamoo member rises to top place

Hwasa was the top girl idol for July, according to the Korea Reputation Center (KRC) that compiles related data like media attention and comments on social networking sites on a monthly basis.

Data collected from June 19 to July 20 showed that the lead vocalist of K-pop group Mamamoo took the highest place by scoring 2.09 million points, up 67.01 percent from a month ago.

Hwasa, whose real name is Ahn Hye-jin, stayed at the seventh place for the past two months but soared to the highest slot this month.

Red Velvet leader Irene assumed the second place with 2.04 million points, up 10.82 percent month-on-month.

Coming in at third was Bona of Cosmic Girls, who gained 2.01 million points, up 158.6 percent from June, followed by Irene’s bandmate Joy with 1.96 million points and SinB of Gfriend with 1.95 million points.

As the gap between first-placed Hwasa and No. 5 SinB is less than 140,000 points, the five are expected to carry out fierce competition over the next month.

In the meantime, reigning champion Jenny of BlackPink saw her position slump to the seventh place with 1.86 million points.

With regard to Hwasa, people talked about such issues as sexy, outstanding and airport fashion,” KRC CEO Koo Chang-hwan said. “Up to 73.95 percent of comments on her were positive.”

Early this month, Hwasa grabbed headlines as she appeared at the Incheon International Airport with a short-sleeved T-shirt and did not wear a bra.

Her no-bra fashion style caused a controversy. Unlike the past, however, many showed their support for Hwasa’s fashion.


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