A Hyundai Engineering employee works on the smoothing procedure of a concrete floor with an AI robot. Photo courtesy of Hyundai Engineering

Korea’s top builder adopts concrete floor-finishing robots

All the industries appear to rush toward artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies, and that is also the case for conventional businesses like construction, as amply demonstrated by Hyundai Engineering.

The Seoul-based builder recently disclosed its concrete floor-finishing robot, which is based on AI technologies, geared toward eliminating the heavy-duty work of humans.

Two electronic motors run four trowels of the robot so as to make the concrete floor as smooth as the skilled worker does, according to Hyundai Engineering.

Human operators measure the concrete floor with a three-dimensional scanner. The AI robot takes advantage of the date to carry out the floor-finishing work on its own.

Hyundai Engineering expects that the autonomous robot will increase the efficiency of concrete floor-finishing work. The company applied for a patent for the advanced robot.

“We are trying to remain ahead of the curve by embracing advanced technologies such as the AI robot,” a Hyundai Engineering official said.

“We will continue to put forth efforts to head a paradigm shift in the construction industry through developing and adopting futuristic technologies.”

Indeed, this is not the first time for Hyundai Engineering to introduce next-generation software and hardware.

Earlier in this March, for example, the contractor developed a solution of constructing free-form architectures based on 3D printing.