Hyundai Mobis has developed the world’s first adjustable display optimized for autonomous vehicles.

World’s first adjustable automotive display will come to town

Hyundai Mobis announced on May 22 that the company had developed the world’s first adjustable display technology for automotive cockpit systems.

The Seoul-based auto part manufacturer said that it had adopted a new concept of an ultra-large, curved screen, which can be moved. Hyundai Mobis dubbed it a “swivel display” as it can be moved up and down.

“This adjustable display features a 34-inch ultra-large screen and is equipped with ultra-high resolution 6K OLED panels,” a Hyundai Mobis official said.

“At present, a 34-inch automotive display is recognized as the largest among automotive screens as they face challenging quality conditions, such as durability and reliability.”

In particular, the official noted that the company had designed this super-sized display as a multi-curved screen that bends at three points from top to bottom.

“Stretching from the driver seat to the passenger seat, it is capable of displaying a variety of content, including various driving and navigation information as well as music and videos, so you can enjoy personalized content on the full screen in an autonomous driving environment.” The official said.

“Despite its ultra size, this display features just a single screen, meaning that you can watch a video, for example, on a full screen when the vehicle is engaged in autonomous driving.”

Asked about its safety, the official said that the company has yet to decide on such detailed features. But during the driving mode, a motorist would be banned from watching entertainment content through the big-sized screen _ it will move down.

Observers point out that an increasing number of specialized products would hit the markets as the era of autonomous driving dawns.

“The world is competing to prepare for the self-driving vehicles, although there are still many technological and regulatory barriers,” Prof. Kim Pil-soo at Daelim University said.

“In particular, the screen is significant because it decides a big part of user interface and user experience. Adjustable screens seem to be good for autonomous vehicles.”

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