Hyundai Palisade/Courtesy of Hyundai Motor

SUV garners recognition for design excellence

Hyundai Motor said on March 25 that the Palisade, the Seoul-based automaker’s latest sports utility vehicle (SUV), won a category award for exceptional design at the Red Dot Award.

Hyundai said that its flagship eight-seater SUV won the prestigious annual accolade, which recognizes outstanding product and communication designs, thanks to its refined visual design breakthroughs.

The Palisade, which is out premium SUV, topped the category for product design of cars and motorcycles,” a Hyundai official said.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology and safety features, the Palisade is designed to offer occupants exceptional comfort and space, making any journey a luxurious experience.”

Hyundai Executive Vice President Luc Donckerwolke, the carmaker’s chief design officer, said that the award honors concerted efforts of the firm’s designers across the world.

The award recognizes the fantastic cooperation of Hyundai’s talented designers around the world,” he said.

The Palisade is the result of an intercontinental collaboration between the diverse Hyundai design centers throughout the world, which has allowed the tailoring of design to fit the needs of each specific market, rather than imposing the same design globally.”

New Hyundai look

Hyundai Senior Vice President Lee Sang-yup, who heads the company’s global design center, said that the Palisade shows off the “new Hyundai look.”

The Palisade is the first key product in the Hyundai SUV line-up and epitomizes the new Hyundai look,” Lee said.

“The Palisade is the first key product in the Hyundai SUV line-up and epitomizes the new Hyundai look,” Lee said.

Like the double-sided playing card, Palisade’s exterior and interior spaces stand in stark contrast to one another, but together harmonize perfectly. The exterior contour exudes a masculine, monumental air accentuated by vertical lines, while the interior décor imparts a comfortable, classy feel with horizontal trimmings.”

Possibly thanks to its eminent design, the Palisade that also received the iF Design Award 2019 of late wins the hearts and minds of motorists _ more than 50,000 bought the vehicles in Korea in three months after its official launch late last year.

In consideration of the fact that the country’s annual demands for large-sized SUVs are around 50,000, the popularity of the Palisade is unprecedented, observers point out.