Courtesy of Hyundai Motor

Korean automaker will fully embrace Google Assistant

Hyundai Motor embraces Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence-backed virtual assistant developed by Google, in a full-fledged manner so that drivers can easily control their vehicles from remote places.

The Seoul-based company said on May 8 that it is cooperating with Google to streamline its cars’ integration with Google Assistant to bring about innovative services in months to come.

Using an Assistant-enabled smart speaker, smart display or Android or iOS phone, Hyundai owners soon can do things like start their car from the kitchen, set their car’s temperatures from the comfort of their couch, or make sure their car doors are locked while in the grocery store more efficiently,” a Hyundai official said.

Previously, executing one of these actions required multiple steps, promoting a dialogue between the owner and their Assistant. Available in the coming months, this new integration will allow vehicle owners to control and get the status of their vehicle with just one of two voice commands.”

For example, the official said that Hyundai owners will say like “Hey Google, start my car,” or “Hey Google, how much gas does my car have?” to control or check their cars remotely.

Hyundai Motor Director Manish Mehrotra expected that the new services will greatly benefit the automaker’s customers.

Anytime we can make features better and easier to use for our customers we are going to do it,” he said.

From being able to double check that their car doors are locked as they walk into a movie theater, or remote start their Sonata on a cold winter day using their Google Assistant device, we’re excited to bring even more helpfulness to our customers.”

Hyundai Motor is Korea’s biggest automaker and one of the world’s largest players. Kia Motors is its sister company.


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